Vito ‘Don Vitone’ Genovese He was an Italian-American mobster who rose to power during Prohibition as an enforcer in the American Mafia. He took part in the Castellammarese War and helped shape the rise of the Mafia and organized crime in the United States. He would later lead Luciano's crime family. A crazy mf #gangster
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OLD Ralph Lauren CAP”NAVY×” これもまた春らしい良い配色です。 . ここら辺の小物もちょこちょこ追加しておりますのでお暇な方ご来店、お問い合わせお待ちしております‼︎ . #goodfellaskumamoto #goodfellasvintage #GOODFELLAS #VINTAGE #ralphlauren #old
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OLD Ralph Lauren CAP “blue×orange” Backのストラップ部分がleatherになった洒落たタイプです。 . これからの季節に是非オススメです‼︎ . #goodfellaskumamoto #goodfellasvintage #GOODFELLAS #VINTAGE #ralphlauren #old
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@anthonymandler thank you for being you sir ✊🏽 hope your bday was a blessed one 🎯 #goodfellas #easter
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🐰Happy Easter 🐰 From the Don Lucky & his Henchman Louis !
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Nobody: Me: My favorite #movie overall is probably #Goodfellas but a few others make the list for me... I literally recite #Dreamgirls it's a fave that I get caught up watching like it wasn't supposed to happen but boom I'm watching. #thegreatgatsby was a very influential book to me by #fscottfitzgerald I've seen the old version but I love #leonardodicaprio old sport #houseofflyingdaggers was a movie that I can't walk away from. Love and martial arts like the best. #memoirsofageisha is probably the movie that made me realize I was super attracted to Asian dudes cause I also wanted the chairman. Ok now #theplayersclub actually just became a favorite, it's not the best writing or production or acting but its interesting. So it's a lowkey fave. I might have to do low budget fave list one day lol #movies
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