☝️We have some spots still open in these unique classes! Call or email to sign up! 🏵Join us TOMORROW for one or both of Leah Beth Fishman’s gilding classes. The first one is a demo/lecture/Q&A, the second is Hands-On. 🏵Then next Saturday we host metal point expert Susan Schwalb for a multi-dimensional event- lecture/demo/Q&A....plus a book signing of her comprehensive, fully illustrated book that was published this year. Absolute beginners and more advanced students welcomed all classes. #kremerpigmentsnyc #gilding #silverpoint #goldpoint #metalpoint
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Detail of new drawing in progress, almost finished! Lady’s Thumb 2019 #goldpoint #margotglass #wildflowers
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Drawing with GOLD!💥Goldpoint drawing in progress😍. The stylus and the goldwire were bought at @l.cornelissen_and_son in London♥️. Beautiful old art material shop💥💗 #drawing #gol#goldt #golddrawing #gryhegerinaldo #stasjonk #olddrawingtechnique #drawingtechnique #gold #leaves🍃 #autumnleaves #lcornelissenandson
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MELLOW MAX Beginning as the mining camp of Lime Point in Nevada then Hornsilver, ultimately Gold Point it came into existence at around the same time, 1880s, as Bodie some hundreds of miles away in California. The “West” must have been a volatile, dynamic place, then. Initially little more than a tented village but growing ultimately to incorporate saloons and timber cabins, assay offices and brothels. Founded originally on silver mining it never thrived, dearth of water for the process and the failure of the railroad to extend here lead to a long faltering demise. However when it had almost expired Gold Point experienced fresh life with the discovery, now, of gold, a brief but dramatic resurgence before the Second World War and a later mine collapse led ultimately to the decline of mining and of the town. Almost. Gold Point never quite died, it’s still there, it has a current population of about 10 and will be around for a year or two to come. Into this barely alive condition we stumbled. This is not Bodie, no benevolent force has arrested decay here....one timber cabin after another has been cannibalised to breath some meagre future into another. Some exist only as an outline in the sand. Alongside the (almost) abandoned cabins are scattered dozens of more or less abandoned vehicles of every age. The boy in me, maybe I should say the child in me, immediately drawn to the old fire engines...in which I think there may yet be just a little life...and the big trucks. This place, although (only just) still alive is a good deal less refined than Bodie. There’s a kind of mild anarchy afoot here...a kind of not so mad, Mad Max....”mellow Max” The whole bloody mess is weirdly fascinating, more fascinating than Bodie? No, differently fascinating....it’s reassuring that even a few folks are wresting some kind of living here....and encouraging that some of these old cabins are lived in and that life can still be coaxed into these old, butch vehicles. Against the odds I loved Gold Point, edgey and odd and under the soft blue sky weirdly pretty....maybe pretty weird. #gol#goldt #nevada #gold #abandonedplaces
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Four Corners, NYC Goldpoint on prepared paper Various sizes all approx 80 x 120mm These four works are one piece and are about the idea of territory and repetition. They have different references but essentially contain the thought that an individuals operations can for a myriad of reasons be defined within a certain jurisdiction and that the behaviours within that which are produced are things which are not arbitrary and although in some ways have a symbiotic function are always structured within a hierarchy of power. . . . #goldpoint #metalpoint #grisaille #NYC #artist #contemporarydrawing #installation #chrisleach
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