Infinity pools, ocean views + sunsets 🌅 What more could a girl want?! 😍 . Sorry I've been MIA, I have been completely off the grid for the past week on a very exciting project and this photo feels like the perfect segway... . And so from one Paradise to the next, be sure to check out my stories from tomorrow to find out where I have been and exactly what I got up to 🤩😁
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#Snow finally found my feed
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Nice walk today with my little Viv and @flightlessbirdsrunningclub friends! #vivianlilysmith
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My running partner always keeps her eyes on me...just to make sure I don’t run off some where and get lost #timetoplay #salomonsquad #rwrunstreak . 📷: @michellethedoe
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Winter is back on the trails ☃️
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It's hard to believe a year has passed since this pic was taken at the finish of @ins@insidetrail 's #woodsideramble 50k in the beautiful Redwoods of California. I don't mention my results a lot on social media because it's truly not what I value most about running. However, I had to work for this win and it was pretty fun. After 49k of trails with some big climbs and descents, I got a tad too comfortable holding my lead. In the last kilometer I was just cruising to the finish when I suddenly realized this speedy lady was about to pass me. I figured I couldn't run all that way in the lead just to give it up easily at the end, so I dug deep and forced my tired legs into a sprint, probably clocking a 3:30/min 50th km to barely outstep her and take the win. We hugged it out with loads of respect given to each other at the end, and even exchanged a few fun stories. I love meeting other badass, strong women and people when I'm out on the trails. I have so much respect for everyone who chooses to push and challenge themselves out there, this stuff isn't easy! 📸 @insidetrail . . . #gofarfeelgood #ultrarunning #trailrunning #woodsideranbke50k #running #califirniatrails #badasswomen #trailracing #ultras #finishstrong #smiles #california #redwoods
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