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(Part 2/3) "Some years went by. I definitely had the tendency to be overpowered by a kind of inner stress, but I had no more serious anxiety attacks. However, when I started senior high school, it seemed like the nightmare picked up from where it had left off four years earlier. I had gotten older, and I thought I had learned to handle new situations. But suddenly this paralyzing sensation was there again, and I was unable to control my feelings. Why had God created me like this? Why weren’t my siblings like this? It seemed so unfair to me. Why me? But God had something He wanted to say to me. He wanted to speak to me through what I experienced. What God wanted, was to help me learn to commit myself to Him and put everything in His hands! During those days when it was hard for me to start school again, my parents and some of the people closest to me continued to pray for me. I remember one morning in particular when I was completely paralyzed by anxiety. My dad took me to my grandparents and asked them to pray with me. My grandmother was a woman of prayer, and when I entered the classroom that morning, after she had prayed for me, I felt clearly that the heavy burden weighing down on me was suddenly taken away from me. Those who have really experienced anxiety know that you cannot simply take control of an anxiety attack, and I realized that it was God who had answered our prayer by removing my anxiety that morning. “If God is for me, who can be against me?” I thought as I opened the door to the classroom. Still, it continued to be difficult every morning that week. I continued to pray to God, and I knew clearly that He wanted something for me. Maybe there was something I had to give up … I thought that if I could get an even stronger faith, then He would set me free from these reactions." Miriam (France)
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How is God’s Kingdom ruling in your life? What do you need to submit to God’s will instead of your own? #GodsKingdom#GodsWill #prayfirst #matthew610 #prayer #🙏 #discoverfamily #scripture #tfcgnv #GainesvilleChurch #gainesville #familychurch #gnv #thefamilychurch
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Look Within! . . #Godskingdom #photography #holiday P.c- @kohl07
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