#changeisinevitable 😬😳 #butitsnotalwayseasy 😂😉 Most of you know, we have been in the midst of a move & transition from our home of 9 years back to the house I grew up in. It’s been exciting and yet overwhelming to say the least. Stress (which leads to way too much emotion) has reared it’s ugly head lately and my heart has been exhausted from it all. My husband and son have felt it all as well. And sadly we tend to take it out on one another, the ones closest to us, in the crazy times. I’ve been beating myself up for not being enough of a wife, mom, teacher, business owner (y’all know I have been so MIA with Piphany related things) and it has been a playground for the enemy to steal my joy. One of the things I gained in this move was a longer commute to my job each day. I was dreading it mostly bc I am not a morning person and don’t want to get up any earlier but I have found it has become a #blessing and just today God sent me a very clear message through a powerful @lauren_daigle song entitled #yousay He reminded me that I am His. Pure and simple. #hisgraceissufficient and that is all I needed to remember. #nottodaysatan #nomoremomguilt #iamyours #godisincontrol #lyricsincomments Thank you to all of my precious customers as you have been patient with me in this transition! Great things are coming! Just gotta get through the next little bit and then we can have some fun! 💖 @piphanystyle @mypiphanystyle #piphany #piphanystylist #piphanyivy #thesassydot
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Comment "Amen" and tag a friend if you love God 😇 Scroll past ⬇️ if you HATE God 😨 - Follow @dailytestament for daily bible quotes and verses - All credits belong to respective owner! - #biblelettering #journalingbible #biblejournalingcommunity
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Some times in life we feel so BROKEN, just like the clay pot in the picture above. But we need to know that the Potter(God) can still make use of the broken pot and make it BEAUTIFUL. All He needs is for us to surrender all to him. He is the POTTER and we are the CLAY moulded into a POT. Let Him make you beautiful again. BROKEN yet BEAUTIFUL.... #godisincontrol #pot#pot #pot #clay #claysculpture
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So appreciative of all of our blessings during this trying time in our lives. I could never thank anyone enough but this gift/donation means so much to me. In a time in my life that I have little control of what's happening I have found breastmilk donations. In the beginning I thought it was a wonderful way for me to bless others who were struggling. It was a way for me to be in control and give back. I have donated to over 5 families, I have more coming. I have people who are coming for milk from other states! And after a few families picked up milk something changed. I found myself bonding and connecting with so many women who laughed, cried, hugged me and allowed me to really see the impact that one person can make for families. Some of these women I may never see again, some of them reach out to me via messenger to check on my mental health and how I am doing along with Kaylee. I found a whole new community to belong to. In order to pump 10 to 16 ounces at a time I need a lot of water and I saw one of my girlfriends who had this water bottle and commented on how I needed that to help me keep my water intake up for my breastmilk. Well she surprised me with it yesterday 😭 this is my second bottle today 😅 It means the world to me and my family with all the love and support you all have offered us big and small. 💕 7 days until baby girls surgery 🙈
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The PROCESS matters On my crochet projects, every step, every stich, every detail makes a whole beautiful finished product. It's all about time, dedication, hard work, fears, insecurities, passion, love and faith. . But the joy that comes from seeing the finished product, I made it with my hands, and that makes all worth it. Now it's ready to share and bless somebody else's life ! It's the same PROCESS that you and I took in God's hands. Every day, trials, seasons, changes or steps you are in, matter in the whole picture. God is trying to create something beautiful in your life, You're fearfully and wonderfully made by God's hands. UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, LOVED. So, TRUST GOD in the process. The PROCESS MATTERS 💗 And PROCESS takes time ! #godisincontrol #godmadeyouspecial . . . .
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