This weekend I was given an assignment by my business coach, @edblunt , to go shop for a house and a car. RULES:The house must be $3.0m + and the car over $100k. 🧐 . I’m reporting back to you with the home that I found...DISCLAIMER (if you know the owner of this house please don’t tell them I was almost trespassing ) . Now let me be honest with you, I had a little trouble with the assignment when I first thought about it because big houses have never been on my radar. I don’t need or want a big home. I’m more attracted to views, energy, finding peace in a home, and most importantly, who will I surrounded by? . I almost didn’t do the assignment because I just didn’t think it would resonate with me... . Until I decided to do it.... . I had to start this whole assignment by telling myself to think bigger than me. . ✨What do I want to see? ✨ ✨How do I want to feel? ✨ . I went all in with this assignment today. I called up my girl @loraleecangialosi and said, let’s go house hunting and let’s be neighbors!!! 😊 We started googling $3.0M + homes in the NJ shore areas that we each loved. Quickly started to find myself upping that price tag as we became pickier and started to have a clearer vision, started driving further, seeing more beautiful views, and then landed in front of $10million home on the Navesink River (the hidden gem of NJ). The view of this river is one of my most favorite in NJ. . What I know is that I love the beach. I love spectacular views of water and the sound of it. I love inviting people into my home and being able to give to them. I love the thought of being able to bring the people that I love the most into a home to creating magic and memories. To give to them. To give back. To be the catalyst for others to indulge the finer things in life, because my friends and family deserves it. It took a few hours of searching, but most of all, of few hours of getting more comfortable with the feeling of it being a possibility for my life Continued in comments 👇🏼👇🏼
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This was me 3 weeks ago before I mustered the courage to walk away from corporate life and pursue a lifelong dream to write professionally. Am I terrified? Yes. Do I worry what others think? Yes. Am I doing it anyway? Absofreakinglutely. Let's go 👊🏻💪🏻 PC: @zoloftandbeer #solopreneur #attackfear #chaseyourdreams #followyourpassion #lovewhatyoudo #believeyoucan #goallin
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Yoga this morning and skateland this afternoon!! I haven't bladed in over 20 yrs I think, only a few times ice skating, but it was like riding a bike lol. I wonder if I will be sore tomorrow. I loved having a little date alone time with him. He killed it on the limbo. 😍❤
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GIRL POWER 💥🔥😎 I think every day I say that I wanna be like Chuck when I grow up. She just goes ALL IN on life. We were at the park allll dayyyyy and we were all fading. She told Bubbs to hop on her back and take a break. Just love this kid and her spirit! And also the fact that she’s #beastmode💪
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Excuses will always be there for you, opportunity won’t. #noexcuses #noworries #noregrets #nofear #goallin
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