After a site re-design, lots of revisions and late, late nights our blog is finally live. We've seen some incredible places and eaten some of the best meals 😋 of our lives, and lots of people have asked for tips for their own trips so we wanted to create a place where we can share our stories and photos. In detail and beyond the gram. The world doesn’t need more travel bloggers. And it certainly doesn’t need more selfie-sticks 🤳, floating breakfast trays or infinity pool shots. But we wanted to share our approach to travel - a couple of 30 year olds that after a year of being together decided to listen to the wanderlust in their guts, go against the grain, quit their full time jobs and jump on the adventure train (or ✈️). We've kind of taken a different approach to travel than we first anticipated. At first we wanted to #seeeverything and studied guides and itineraries like it was a full time job. Now we've found our own pace, and its a slower one. We feel that we're truly able to experience each place and its culture on a deeper, more authentic level. My first blog post, 'Reflection Internal' is a click away in my bio. It's a bit of a diary entry I wrote when I came to the realisation that I may not be the backpacking-pro that I thought I was. Let us know what you think of the site, we really value your feedback and support. It can be a bit scary putting yourself out there 👻
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Sometimes you get a feeling that everything is not what it’s supposed to be. You have to do something. You have to change something radically, because you can’t stay like you are for another second, or you’re going to explode. But somehow life always has a way of making sure you’re ready for things. 🌌 • Thank you to the universe for always having my back, even if I don’t always know it. And thank you to Mother Nature for this gorgeous sunset creating the perfect moment. 🌅 • “Don’t ever underestimate the power of this moment and the beauty that it holds. This is how we make life stand still, and suddenly, not everything is moving so fast.” -Nicole Addison . . . . . . . . . . . #bestsunset #beachsunset #cos#costaricaet #visitcostarica #perfectmoment #bambootours #costarica #travelblogging #travelbug #traveleverywhere #wandertheworld #adventureseeker #exploretheglobe #traveladdicted #orangesunset #wonderfulworld #wonderfuldestinations #travelforlife #globetrotters #globewanderer #savetheplanet #savetheturtles #positivevibes #wisewords #quoteoftheday #worldexplorer #aroundtheglobe #traveljournal
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