Globe Focus (2006) Everyone loves a checkerboard design & while historically it has mostly been the domain of @vans, @globe_skateshoes effort on these kicks – combined with my own DIY’d laces show that they don’t always have to have the monopoly. I’ve previously posted the ‘SWYD’ Focus. This version one came out a few months after the ‘SWYD’ – still at the height of the Focus’ popularity. I think what made this shoe so popular was its versatility. It was lightweight enough to skate – even though the leather uppers weren’t particularly hardwearing. It could also function as a surf shoe. And from a fashion perspective, it walked the line of transition from baggy jeans & chunky shoes of the early 2000’s to tight jeans & vulcanised designs of the 2010’s right alongside consumer tastes. Aesthetically, Focus kicks were clean but always had something going on across the heel panels that made them stand out. In this case, the checkerboard was a winner! The reason for the DIY lacing was my concept of a full checkerboard outfit. At the time I had also bought a cool checkerboard studded belt from @independenttrucks and some blue denim shorts with an elasticised checkerboard design on the back pocket from @ripcurl_aus – both of which I still have somewhere. So the idea was to wear it all as a checkerboard ensemble. I think I only wore it once or twice in that configuration before moving onto something else haha! The kicks are worn here with 3-of-a-kind “Three Amigos” socks from @stancesocks. Note: the recent delay in posting hasn’t been due to a lack of kicks but actually finding the time to post! #globeshoes #globefocus #globefootwear #globekicks #sneakers #kicks #chomponkicks #classicskateshoes #skatekicks #sk8shoewars #skateshoewars #vintageskateshoes #sk8kicks #stancesocks #globeshoesoriginal
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Globe Mace Hi x Sekure D (2008) Emerging late in 2008 as Globe sought to re-claim their status as a top-selling, cutting-edge company in the skate shoe market, these kicks definitely have major swagger about them, with lots of cool details that actually tend to get lost in the “whole” if you don’t look carefully for them. Most notable are the transparent “ice” soles, “Robot Arm” pattern on the insoles, abstract white & grey graffiti on the ankle support & side panels, the artists’ signature embossed on the tongue, heel & accompanying metal shoe tag and 3 metal-tipped laces in each of the shoe’s feature colours. Hailing from my own hometown of Melbourne, Sekure D has established a name for himself over the years in the sneaker world through his unique artistry that has been featured on a number of high-profile custom designs. It’s a pleasure to be able to wear that artistry in a colour combo that’s as well-balanced as this one! The socks featured are Sidereal socks from @stancesocks, worn here with Danny Way signature denim from @dcshoes. #sekured #globeshoes #globefocus #globefootwear #globekicks #sneakers #kicks #chomponkicks #classicskateshoes #skatekicks #sk8shoewars #skateshoewars #vintageskateshoes #sk8kicks #globeshoesoriginal #stancesocks #dcdenim #stancesocksrock
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