Gotta admit it… - The difference between flying economy vs. business/first class… - Is HUGE 😁🙌 - It starts with priority check-in, priority security lines, priority boarding, no fees for checking a bag, and priority bag delivery after you land 🛬 - On the plane you get bigger / more comfortable seats, snacks, a full meal, dessert, free drinks, and extremely frequent & attentive service 💺✈️ - The goal is to fly business or first class **all the time** 😎🥂 - Learning how to use points & miles and/or increasing your income (e.g. through starting an online business as I did) will allow you to make this happen 👍 - It’s not about the snob factor. It’s about comfort, efficiency, and actually enjoying the travel experience in addition to the destination ✌️
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Got milk?
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Toprağın havalanma zamanı; sonbaharda yemyeşil olması için. #nepal #nepalphotoproject #nepaliculture #zayendetravel #sayendezayende #sonyalpha #sonyalphatr #sonyalphaclub #sonyimages SONY RX10 Mlll ❤️️
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Gün batımı bulutlarla geçti. Sabahki zirvelerle yetiniyoruz. #nepal #nepalphotoproject #nepaliculture #zayendetravel #sayendezayende #sonyalpha #sonyalphatr #sonyalphaclub #sonyimages SONY RX10 Mlll ❤️️
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Screens above ⬆️ . Screens below ⬇️ . Screens in our pockets 📱 . I’m all for technology when rightly used. . We can use it to stay connected with people, learn new things, help keep us safe, and brainstorm dreamy trip itineraries of where we want to travel next 😁🏖✈️ . But it is disheartening to see how often people stay immersed in their “screens” and lose touch with simple communication 👁 . Who have you not spoken to (face-to-face or over the phone) this week? Make it a priority to go get in touch, even if only for 15 minutes 👍
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Looking into a world of dreams. ✨☁️ - - - What are your dreams for 2018? Travel, finish school, write a book? No matter what it is, remember if you can dream it you can do it!
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Seattle is such a cool city at night 🌃 . And of course, the views you get on top of the Space Needle make them even better! 🗼 . Can you see Mt. Rainier in the background? 🗻 . There’s still snow on top!
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