Number 33 #GhettoBird male from @dynasty_genetics is covered in trichs. He was a potent candidate. I lost him, but got to use him to make #JailBird (TKXChemDeLaChemXi95 X GhettoBird). From what I hear, progengy is looking great and stacking up well against some other fantastic strains from other breeders. Maybe I know what I'm doing after all? 😂🎩
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#GhettoBird number 33 (out of 60 grown out) male from @dynasty_genetics used to pollinate two different moms of #TKXChemDeLaChem from @elitecannabis. Progengy is called #JailBird. Seed will be available soon for this cross. In the meantime, tune into @indosupplyco to see how some of them turn out. I think I gifted him a couple hundred or so?
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Coming back to SD last year was definitely a “from the ground up” mission, stoked to get some clips with the homie @zachariass✌🏼 #iloveskateboarding #cityheights #ghettobird #goodtimes
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