I’ve been called many names in my life. But my favorite is #mommy . Lately he’s been watching me workout as I’ve been hustling him through winded breaths. 😅Today he came down and says “wow mommy! You’re sweaty!! You’re working really hard.” He was right! I internally did a little flip! His smallest acknowledgment meant so much I had to grab him and hug him! 😘😍 . There are days I don’t feel like being healthy and happy. I want to binge and cry. I just don’t have it in me to do it for myself. But somehow when the name “mommy” leaves the lips of my children I find whatever strength is left in me and i get up. Sometimes I have to use my love for them to take care of myself and push through. They need me at my best. They need me to rise up and believe in myself because if I don’t how can they believe they can believe in themselves? There’s someone in everyone’s life that needs them to be on their A game. Who are yours? Are you giving them someone to look up to? #rainbowbaby #Godsgift
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Rainy day in Chicago, plane problems too! #gettingtheblues
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