I still can’t believe im going to marry the man of my dreams ❤️❤️ #gettingmarried #engaged
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Working on a new project! Thanks to everyone involved! Can’t wait to finish and share! @onehappyflowershop @ericamatay @helenmaser @hannahlehns @laurenamandahair . . . . . . #wed#wedding> #wedding #engagement #gettingmarried #married #love #weddingphotography #weddingphotographer #pittsburgh
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It's officially wedding band season! I suggest coming in 3-6 months before the big day to give yourselves pleeeenty of time to order. That gives us time to adjust sizing once the bands come in, if necessary! Plus it's the one decision that you can fully cross of your list early on, unlike seating charts, final menus, set lists.... . PS - for you last minute brides and grooms, we *can* get your (noncustom) band within two weeks.
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We are home, and so happy to be! Im in the middle of my laundry marathon and procrastinating going to the grocery store so I thought I would share a picture from our trip. Just one hour outside of Barcelona, there is this - the Penedès Region. We spent the first full day of our trip here, among miles and miles of vineyards. It was completely amazing, and probably our favorite experience of the whole trip. We successfully traveled from Barcelona to Madrid to Lisbon to Home with three bottles of wine produced at this vineyard 🙌🏼 I can’t wait to open them, but also I never want to. #junetwentytravel #luxurytravel #honeymoonplanner
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