I know....y'all get sick of me talking about elimination 💩 but it's seriously soooo important! Here's a perfect example....but only read if you have a strong stomach..😬 When we were in the ER back in December when Laurel tripped over her own feet and busted her mouth and had her front tooth dangling 😳😬...she had to get a stich as her bottom tooth when through the bottom and the top of her top lip. 🤕🤢😨 As the ER doctor was preparing to stich her up, she began telling us about her experiences when she first began working in the ER in order to get our mind off the pain she may be feeling as she sewed her lip back together. The doctor then proceeded to tell us about a 6 year old child who paid her a visit to the ER early in her career who went into cardiac arrest due to constipation. 😳😳😳 She said the child went 2 weeks without a BM. He had one 💩 and then went 3 weeks without another. 😥 The child was so backed up that the intestines blocked off the main vein returning to the heart that was cutoff. The Dr said that he was vommiting feces from his mouth. 🤢🤮 I know this is pretty disturbing to read and even comprehend, but I'm gonna need some of y'all to start taking this elimination thing seriously and really begin evaluating what your poo 💩 (or lack thereof) is telling you?!?! #realtalk #payattentiontoyourbody #constipation #threemealsin #threemealsout #eliminationiskey #toxicwaste #getittogether #icanhelp #cleanse #cleansing #isharebecauseicare #cleaneating
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Seriously, just do it even if it’s baby steps. Intention without ACTION is stale and pointless. 💁🏽‍♀️💆🏾‍♀️ . . . . For instance: I dislike clutter....sooooo....it’s best I TOSS THINGS OUT. Clear my inbox. Donate clothes. Listen to/delete voicemails. Get it? I wish I’d lose a cheecho....soooo....it’s best I NOT eat the entire pint of Talenti caramel cookie crunch in one sitting. 🙊🤣 . . . . Action!!!!!!!! #dobetter #progress #getittogether #becomebetter #justdoit
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Driving to Toronto in a week! Time to get my shit together. #coffeeshouldhelp #longdrive #procrastination #getittogether #bctoontario #powellriver #toronto #roadtrip
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