Yoo !! so i know the weather in south Florida 🌴 is bad right now with the tornado warning in Orlando 🌪 BE SAFE ON THE HIGHWAY AND CITY TRAFFIC 🚘 im a personal injury advisor at 3-2-1 no fault so in case yall get in an accident and please don’t hesitate to get at me 💪🏾 #Sponsored #GetHelp #NoCost #NoCap 🧢
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😊😄It's World Happiness Day today. 😊😄 🌟What does happiness mean? 🌟What would it take to feel truly happy? ❓Is it to achieve a dream, or ambition? ❓Is it to be earning a certain amount of money? ❓To live in your dream house or a dream destination? ❓To live in the moment and be happy in the 'now'.? ❓To achieve success in your career? ❓To be in a love filled relationship? ❓To erase a phobia? ❓To stop anxiety? ❓To release stress? ....and how would you achieve this? ❓What steps do you need to take to achieve it? ❓What would you do to make sure you achieve your happiness? ❓How much would you invest in time and money? ❓Would there be any sacrifices? 😊We all want to be happy and feel fulfilled. But happiness doesn’t arrive on our doorstep in the post or magically appear. It takes investment to gain happiness...the type of investment it needs is your choice. But whatever investment it is, it’s worth it if it makes you feel TRULY happy. That feeling in your gut type of happy. That happiness that flows through your heart, your actions, your body language, your world.... You are worth investing in your own happiness. Helen x 😊🌟#happy #happiness #whatshappy #howtobehappy #whatmakesyouhappy #howtogethappy #dreams #ambition #appreciate #mindful #releasestress #stopanxiety #anxiety #stress #gethelp #getbetter #hypnotherapy #hypnotherapist #therapy #therapist #eft #efttapping #eftpractitioner #thetherapyhub #helentaylor #horsham #sussex
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I have been tired on and off for several months. Usually, when I become consistent with exercising, it increases my energy level, but it’s not happening. I’m going to get some blood work done to see what’s going.
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AFRS Success Story: I am an addict. My drug of choice was oxycontin. I’ve suffered from depression since I was a teenager; at that age, life is difficult enough without your brain chemistry being off balance. I used drugs as a crutch to forget the feelings of loss, trauma and self-loathing. At first, they did an excellent job of making me feel okay but before long, I became physically dependent and couldn’t function without getting high. I wanted to stop but didn’t know what to do, fortunately, my family intervened in my life and convinced me to seek treatment. Thankfully, getting treatment lead me to understanding why I felt the need to use and gave me the tools to change my life. Today I am over five years clean from drugs thanks to the guidance I received and the work I’ve been willing to put in. Don’t be afraid of treatment, life is so much better sober! #successstory #addiction #add#addictionrecovery #recovery #bestrong #sober #soberlife #afrsmodesto #addictionrecovery #transformationtuesday #treatement #support #gethelp #wecanhelp #thankful
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According to NAMI (@namicommunicate), “...2 million people with mental illnesses are booked into jails each year. Nearly 15% of men and 30% of women booked into jails have a serious mental health condition... The vast majority of the individuals are not violent criminals.” There are not enough psychiatric hospitals to care for all mentally ill patients, but prisons aren’t an appropriate environment for them. Prison is a place for dangerous criminals, not the mentally ill.
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