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Sunday is in the books! Busy day at work but I still came home and got in a 20 minute lifting workout! Being fit doesn't have to take hours at the gym. My workout took the same amount of time that it took Smoke to finish eating his dinner (he eats soooo SLOW). . Curious about the workouts I do? Drop me a line if you want to try one for free. I never thought I'd be the girl that preferred to work out at home rather than at the gym. But I found that I can be so much more consistent when I don't have the excuse "I'm not going to have enough time to drive to the gym and work out and get home before dinner." Now I work out on my schedule, and bonus, there's always dogs around. Never had that at the gym. 😜
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All wrapped up. Stop in to get your hands on our Chick Wrap. #HappyEveryDay #OpenOnSundays
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Project Transformation underway! Prep week starting 4/8 and workouts on 4/15! This 20 min a day virtual workout (for 6 weeks) program has changed so many people and made them mentally and physically STRONGER - I’ll be a first timer but I’m SO EXCITED 😆 Packages with the step and goodies will be available 4/1. There’s a specific group for everyone doing this program where we can share, discuss, check in, share recipes, and stay accountable. Be your best you - if you’re looking for a sign to make a change for yourself - THIS IS IT! Time to transform a little more 🦋 Message me for more info OR just enter your email (link in bio) and it’ll send you some more information as well. My inbox is always open 💜 . #motivation #fitfam #gethealthy #hikerbabes #girlswithink #hikergirl #weightloss #furmama #choosehappy #livehappy #behappy #gethappy #healthybodyhealthymind #love #positivevibes #weekendvibes #positivity #positivewomen #strongwomen #goodvibes #girlgang #loveyourself #selfcare
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Stay positive on the good days and the bad ❤️ and always remember... YOU ARE IMPORTANT! ☺️ ———————————————————— #itworks #itworkscollagen #itworksketocoffee #itworkswraps #itworkscleanse #itworksproducts #itworksfatfighters #feelbetter #gethappy #weightlosstransformation #healthy #change
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The Bootsy Collins is only $6 during happy hour! Vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup and soda topped with a float of Lillet Rouge. #Crushed ~C
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