Happy Monday! 🚨New Wig Alert 🚨 This beautiful unit I have been wearing for 3 days. Before I sell any products I always test them out! AND let me tell you (smacks lips) ..... I’ve gotten soooo many compliments. 😍😍😍😍😍 When I say the hairline, the lace, the cap construction is 🔥 Wig deets: Name: Carrie Wig construction: Glueless lace front Length: 14’ Style: cut into edgy bob with beach waves and straight ends Color: Blonde ombré Wig collection: Ready to Wear (prestyled units) on website PS this unit is not available to purchase until this week Wig Wednesday!!! so stay tuned! I will be posting more of this unit throughout this whole week... BUT she will be Available on Wednesday Who likes her? 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾comment below Like. Comment. Share. Shop #getcrowned👑 #gluelesslacewig #gluelesslacefrontwig #milwaukeewigsupplier #mkewigs
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Zoom in sis! 👀😍CWT hairline on our Lace wigs, Frontals and Closure are BOMB🔥 The hairlines on our lace products are so easy for you or your hairstylist to install for you. Do you guys want me to sell our Frontals or closures separate from my wigs? How many of my followers still doing sew ins? 🧐🤦🏾‍♀️ #getcrowned👑 #gluelesslacewig #gluelesslacefrontwig #milwaukeewigsupplier #mkewigs
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What lace sis? Wig tip: LACE MATTERS!!💕 There are important factors to look for when shopping for a lace frontal/closure and they are: 1. Lace Color 2. Lace MUST be Thin 3. Swish or Italian lace 4. Preplucked hairline But guess what sis! Crowned with Tresses lace frontals/closures are the BEST 😘 Ask questions. Shop Now. Link in bio #getcrowned👑
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🚨NEW PRODUCT 🚨 Removable elastic band that is adjustable and can fit any size head. Operates similar to a bra strap. 😊 Have an old wig from us and want to switch out the band? This NEW band style will be available on ALL CWT wig orders Now and available to purchase on the website soon! #mkewigs #getcrowned👑 #gluelesslacewig #milwaukeewigsupplier #gluelesslacefrontwig
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I know you been eyeing 👀one of our CWT Ready to wear wigs? Girl, go ahead and Buy now and Pay later on that Wig #getcrowned👑 #gluelesslacewig #milwaukeewigsupplier #gluelesslacefrontwig #mkewigs
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