Africa Day; from the perspective of a #traveller; So yesterday May 25 was #africaday2018 & I found myself on table with like minds discussing several issues which has become a global concern. Hameed expressed his displeasure how medical doctors are been treated in #egypt & his plans to move out. He's already speaking good #german & I'm quite sure he will make a swift transition to become an Egyptian German doctor. Arii & Vaya are from #spain but they felt #african on the table. Vaya did not talk much; but her smiles & facial expression said what she was pleased with & not happy with. Arii contributed well enough with good knowledge about main Europe. The challenges of Pre & Post #ArabSpring dominiated from Hameed's side and how only Tunisia was saved. He told us how he almost got locked up in prison twice but escaped with the help of some close relatives in the army. We discussed about traveling without needing visas or having to pay high #visafee & Arii could not but show her displeasure when I mentioned I needed visa for any country I'd want to visit in South America; cash much enough to pay for her round trip ticket from #Barcelona to #Lima. #Samay is the latest #hostel in #Barranco, with only 2 weeks of operation to it's name & been handled by a fellow traveler; I know this business shall go down well. The owner was excited to receive her first #AfricanGuests & she shared her vision for the business with us. We discussed #AfricanCoffee & of course my description of how coffee is been served at an #Ethiopian coffee shop said it all; that's what you get, free advert for any job you do well. Africa Day means different things to different people but with the continent making much effort on attracting tourism from the North, East & South, what are those from the West & Central doing? The two former sub-region attracts so much negativity & it's time to showcase the economic strength moving away from potentials to what it can offer. West Africa pride itself with so much to offer on #tourism but the politics in the axis is making it difficult to soar. Though some of it's countries try to project the sub-region in good light. CAN TOURISM BE A GAME-CHANGER FOR AFRICA?
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2018 Triathlon Training Underway!! . Swimming ✔ Running ✔ Cycling ❌To Be Continued...
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