Reading with students from 2nd grade at Garcia elementary this morning! We read The Cat In the Hat 🎩 God is great and we can bless the environment around us by signing up to volunteer in our spare timeπŸ‘ #encourageothers #readacrossamerica #drsuess #dayoffvibes #volunteering #makeadifference #gcustudent #givegenerously #lovelikejesusdoes #servefaithfully
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Get started on building a life of design! Start building the life you want! You can be a part time hustler and have success You can do this to pay off debt You can do this to build a better life for yourself You can do this to build a better life for your family You can do this for you! I truly love being a coach I love seeing the success of my challengers I love seeing the success of my team! I want to see you succeed and have the life that you dream of! I am having a Busy Woman challenge group next month! If you are having a hard time finding time for yourself, having difficulty doing self care, doing your workouts, eating right, and so forth, then THIS CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU! Get your life started! Hit me up! #beachbodycoach #lifebydesign #happiness #createyourlife #busymom #busywoman #NurseLife #gcustudent #livefit
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πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ#lopesup#golfswing #az#livingthedream#gcustudent @golfavila @gcugolfcourse @bayougolfpro
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When the final grade is posted!! And I ended it with another A!! Hard work pays off, on top of this work full time and always take care of my Babygirl’s πŸ’š everything is for them! πŸ’œ #knowledgeispower #psychologymajor #gcustudent #gculopes #fulltimemommy #fulltimeemployee
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We have some fun projects in store for the Lope Shop we can’t wait to share with you!!! #gcustudent #gcuengineering
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4&5/30 Self Care Challenge: A part of my life that I don’t talk about often on Social Media is my journey through higher education. I am a few weeks away from finishing my Masters degree in Psychology. With that comes a lot of stress as I prepare my research project and gather the information necessary to defend and support my argument. It has been exciting, intimidating, interesting learning about college students and how to create an environment of success at the university level for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds (my thesis in a nutshell). With the piles of books and research articles that need to be read (and reread), I can forget to breathe, rest and take a step back. To combat the burn out I have set aside specific writing times. Addie and Aaron get one on one time, and I escape to a little coffee shop and write. Setting aside assigned time to pursue goals is necessary! It’s as important as setting aside time to rest! I am still trying to find that balance. My Sunday consists of writing, reading and coffee. What does your Sunday look like? *β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’*β€’* #college #gradschool #gradstudent #gradschoolproblems #canigraduatealready #gcu #mastersdegree #psych #cuialumni #superbowlsunday #studying #collegelife #gcustudent #cuigrad #konaloacoffee
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