It’s real simple for @gcubaseball this weekend. Win & they’re in. #WacTournament #GCULopes #NCAABaseball
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I’m humbled and proud Even though I wish that my results were better, I know that I’ve been through a lot during this program A death in the family, job promotions, birthdays, dog issues, house stress and more As many excuses as I could come up with, it really comes down to I let life kick me in the butt As much as I want to let the defeat sink in, I know that my journey isn’t over I FEEL healthier I FEEL more energized I’m fitting into different clothes And I’m not giving up My next bootcamp is starting soon I’ll be sharing details even sooner!! Keep your eyes peeled for them!!!!
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All the feels as i finally finish 80 day obsession with my bff & partner in crime This boy is so much more than our dog He’s our first born, our baby boy and the start to our little rescue doggy zoo He’s the one that opened our hearts to love other puppers and he’s the one that we’ve poured time and energy into to help him get over his anxiety and fears He’s helped me so much with my health because he knows that when I workout he gets his brain game toy He talks to me when I get home from work until I put him in the workout room and I press play He’s the one that kisses me and plays with me during my workout and he’s the one that licks my tears away when I’m frustrated He’s such a blessing to our family and I wouldn’t have done it without him Be on the lookout for transformation pictures tomorrow! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
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Cuz somedays you just need to put on your donut leggings to get the cardio workout done Don’t give up on your dreams and don’t stop dreaming A couple of months ago, I couldn’t do high knees without dying after two...... now I can do a full 30 seconds of them and fast too!! 💪🏼💪🏼 Don’t give up - you are worth it 😘 Special thanks to my bomb coworker and mentor for getting these for me and loving me 😘😘
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FRIDAY KAPOLEI HIGH SCHOOL!!!! YESSAAHHHH!!!! 1 more down 2 more to go!!!!! This Friday kapolei high school...... if can.. can👍🏼 if no can... no can👎🏼 #2018graduate🎓#kapoleihurricanes#grandcanyonuniversitybound#gculopes#mahalokeakua
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Happy Motivational Monday, Lopes!
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I’m looking for 5 women to join me To join me on journey of: -self love -health -community -nutrition -accountability -friendships -and so much more I’m looking for 5 women who have tried other things, but nothing works I’m looking for 5 women who don’t want quick fixes, who are in it for the long run I’m looking for 5 women who understand that change takes time and that we didn’t gain weight overnight, so it won’t come off overnight I’m looking for 5 women who want to feel sexy again for their SO I’m looking for 5 women who want their confidence back If you are may of these, please please please reach out to me! This summer will be the summer of change for us 💪🏼😘😘
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Congrats to all the 2018 grads out there! And a special congrats to our Team Member Kenia for winning a Chick-fil-A Scholarship!! Kenia is studying business at GCU while also working with us @chickfilacamelback and we know she has such a bright future ahead!! 😎🤩 . . #chickfila #congratsgrads #cenpho #golopes #gculopes
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