I took a break from social media for a couple weeks and it was so nice to just be present and to focus on my classes but it's so nice to be back in the community♡ • • Friends do yourself a favor and swipe on these two GORGEOUS pictures! • • The first is the amazing new Savvy Minerals Kit that is the perfect starting place for anyone wanting to ditch and switch to amazing non-toxic makeup! Check out my story for a break down of the Savvy kit! • • And secondly, the Premium Starter Kit has gotten a face lift! It's now available with the stunning Desert Mist diffuser that has a TON of color settings including a flickering candle option! • • The Premium Starter kit is $160 and the Savvy Kit is $150 both of which will give you a wholesale membership, a ton of resources, and a community of amazing people working to live their best non toxic life! Reach out if you're interested and I'll help you get started!
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Now more than ever am I so beyond thankful for oils that help with my emotions. This week I had my first two exams, next week I have PBA which test my skills ability and two more exams. • • My heart has been racing, doing weird things, and it feels like the weight if the world is on my shoulders. • • Bergamot, lavender, and grapefruit are AMAZING mood lifters. Within a few minutes of putting them in my diffuser I felt calmer than I have all week♡
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Plan a Visit! Hey... Be our guest and join us this Sunday at 5pm. p.s- Right after service join us for dessert at Newcomers Dessert. You'll be glad you came!! ✌️#forgcu - P.C.: @kaleb_jones88 🔥
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Groups. "Circles are better than rows" - Pastor Bryson. Sign up today online [Link in Bio] or this Sunday. Let's go! #grow Great way to start the year off strong. 🤙✌️💪 #forgcu . P.C - @tish_harris
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I’m so happy & blessed to be part of this Nursing Program! It hasn’t been easy and I know it’s not over yet, but it’s finally here. I can’t wait to continue to embark in this journey and see where it takes me! 💜✨ #GCU2019 #ThankyouJESUS
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🔥Congratulations to our friend and Worship Leader @doncartermusic on being selected as @gcu next Rising Talent Spotlight. Check out our FB page for the full story. ✅
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Quote. "In order to really have a breakthrough you must have others around you." - Pastor Bryson 🔥🔥🔥 . ((( New ))) Community Groups are forming now. Sign up today > Link in Bio or DM us for details. #bettertogether #breakthrough PC: @tish_harris
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Made if through my first day of nursing classes today. I'm so incredibly excited for this semester and the next 16 months! • • Also do yourself a favor and make a fresh pot of coffee, put it in a blender with a spoonful of coconut oil (trust me!) and a spoonful of honey and blend it together. It's DELICIOUS, and the coconut oil helps with the absorption of the caffeine. You could also add some grass fed butter but I never have any and it's deliciousness.
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