Check In or u gettin checked who u wit. ✌🏿🎟🎟🎟 #vegas #suites #seeyouatthetop #highroller #gatekeeper
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#gatekeeper #bones #watercolor #art #skeletonart #artist Prints available on website of my bio. :)
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Gatekeeper! I used to be terrified of singing this song :) Adding the new jazzy chords I learned! Tired after a long day at work but whatever... . . . . . . #jazz #jazzy #jazzmusic #jazzymood #jazzyvibes #jazztunes #practice #gatekeeper
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AFFIRMATION OF THE CRONE | Use this affirmation daily to seek the wisdom of the Crone within yourself. . . . “Ancient Crone, You are the source of eternal knowledge That leads to the completion of the spirit. Let my soul seek your lessons, And strive to understand your mysteries. I will not fear the darkness For I know you wait for me within it.” . . . I spoke with one of my Grandmothers yesterday for the better part of my morning off. Hours and hours of talking. She had so much to share, so much to say; so many deep-seated emotions attached to so many memories surfaced as she shared the wisdom she has learned through her own unique Cosmic Journey. . . . Moments that brought me to laughter and moments that brought me to tears. Perspectives of events and experiences we both had shared together, that offered me a new lens to reflect upon these shared memories. I cant wait to see both of my Wise Crone Grandmothers, my Crone Mother and my Crone Father, face to face this summer when I visit my family. I look forward to the moments I am able to soak up their wisdom. . . . The Crone is a symbol of inherent wisdom that comes from experience. She has lived through love, sorrow, hope, and fear, coming out of it all a wise and confident spirit. Through these experiences she has learned the secrets of life and death and of the mysteries beyond this world. She has tasted death itself and watched those she loved make the journey before her. It is through her mourning that she faces death, grows to understand it, and becomes the gatekeeper between worlds. . . . As with all aspects of the Goddess, the Crone is not only found within the aged. She is in all beings, at all times. She can be present in men and women, young and old; though age may very likely come before her lessons are fully realized. . . . The wisdom of the Crone comes only after learning the lessons of non-judgment and compassion. Through these lessons the Crone becomes the balancing scales between light and dark and between life and death. . . . She is selfless, yet she loves herself. She is kind, yet she knows when to be harsh. She is free, she is compassionate, and she is wise. 👵🏻💫💞🙏 . . .
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