morning! happy wednesday. How u feel today? on my way to work..always keep #mad #gastronomicmadness! @gastronomicmadness
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•ZASTOLIE• . Let me tell you something... you know nothing about Belarusian culture (or any post Soviet-states culture) till you experienced “Zastolie". It is essential part of every holiday in my country when we get together with our family/relatives/friends at the table for lunch that last till very late supper with endless "zakuska" - snacks, loooots of alcohol, main courses, tea and cake at the end. Many MANY hours of non stop eating and drinking. Basically to the point you cannot move. . Now you know why I go for a run even when it’s -10C outside. And why I am starting my diet today.... THE END! 🍽 . #fatisnewskinny #gastronomicmadness #zastolie #belorussianculture #thestruggleisreal #hom#homeland #eatdrinkrepeat #thereisnoplacelikehome #homeland #visitingmymom #minsk #belarus
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I love winter running. It can be very pleasant (at least till the point temperature drops below -10C. Then it’s no fun at all! Go to the gym and enjoy winter from the treadmill)🥶 But really! People run marathons in Antarctica, so you can certainly get out for a 8K. ~ There are few tips that help me to enjoy my winter runs. Let me know if it helpful❓ • LAYERS!!! If it’s about -5C I’d have 3 layers (sport bra doesn’t count): thermal long sleeve as a base, fleece and wind proof running jacket (or any light jacket really); • A THICK PAIR OF LEGGINGS - I realized that my ass freezing lots on a first few km; •RUNNING GLOVES and nope your favorite mittens will not work, because hands sweat as well; • HEADBAND or TIGHT HAT - the most important is that the head wear covers your ears. And you don’t have to fix it every 5 minutes; • EYEWEAR was my running game challenger this winter! I used to run with my eyes half closed and my eyelashes needed a sauna after my run. This time I was running with @liquid_eyewear glasses with transitional lenses. Pretty damn cool! •If you can invest in waterproof RUNNING SHOES with some serious traction for a better grip - that would be awesome! But my @asics #kayano25 - does a good job for me (with a tall thermal socks). . Enjoy your winter runs, guys! It is super pretty and you feel like a badass when it’s done ❄️ . . . #winterrunning #runningtips #runninggear #gastronomicmadness #AsicsFrontRunnerDxb #IMoveMe #asi#asicsrunning #ownyourrun #asicsfrontrunner #ASICSME #asics #garminconnect
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It's tough to be as enthusiastic about running outdoors when it is below zero degrees outside. And my running distance shrank to 8k. But not like I can call it a rest day just because temperatures drop below freezing, because...... I saw the Menu that my Mama planned for the next few days I’m here 😱🤐 Yep, for my mom Im always too skinny 😝 . . . #winterrunning #visitingmymama #gastronomicmadness #AsicsFrontRunnerDxb #IMoveMe #asi#asicsing #ownyourrun #asicsfrontrunner #ASICSME #asics #garminconnect
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#gastronomicmadness findings. great vermut before lunch @gastronomicmadness
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do more of what you love #gastronomicmadness #gastronomicbible
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carpaccio de berenjena #gastronomicmadness#gastronomicbible
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las tres marias, perfect sunday bruch #gastronomicmadness
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