Sick and tired of crackers already,so I raided my fridge to make something different for myself today!! Lots and lots of food,with a very low kcal ,but high in vitamins at least!😁 no fat,and something good for my tastebuds😉 #losingweightjourney #gastricbypassjourney #nevergiveup💪
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This was my gastric bypass surgery day September 15th 2015. I was 341 pounds and so ready for hopefully a new life. My surgery went very well. I had no complications. The first 7 months after my surgery I stuck to the diet and worked out a lot. I got down to 227 pounds. And then I got pregnant for the first time ever. I had the surgery because obviously I wanted to live an active healthy life but above everything I wanted to be a mom. We tried to conceive for 4 years of our marriage. We never had one positive test, not once. My Poly Cystic ovarian syndrome pretty much made it impossible to get pregnant. The surgery has been an answered prayer every single day since I had it done. My deadly high blood pressure I had the day of surgery was gone no more than 2 months later. I have a 16 month old that I can't believe I have. I can run, I can go for an hour on the elliptical and treadmill, other things are more amazing now too 😘🔥❤. It hasn't been easy. It's been a lot of work. But it's all worth it to me because I have my husband, baby, and my life that I will live for a long time. #flashbackfriday #thinnerthursday #gas#gastricbypassney #gastricbypass #rny #rnymomma #iwasabiggirl #nomorehighbloodpressure #pcos #ibeatpcos #fuckyoupcos #imadepcosmybitch #surgeryday #lifechanging #mylifehaschanged
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Protein dinner. "Eggs in a tomato basket" #fitness #protein #gastricbypassjourney
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Tonight's dinner. All the macros and calories. boneless skinless chicken breast seasoned with taco seasoning, asada seasoning, garlic, Himalayan salt, and cracked pepper. The chicken was butterflied and seasoned on both sides, stuffed with mozzarella, cilantro, and Canadian bacon. Topped with sour cream and guacamole salsa. With a half cup of black beans. I want able to finish my plate but I ate about half of the half of chicken breast and half of the half a cup of black beans #keto #ketodiet #gas#gastricbypassney #gastricbypass #rny #rnymomma #stuffedchickenbreast #yum
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@eatnui @ketokookie How could you!*!? Flat ass crumbling cookie with a tin after taste?!... what have you done!?
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