Can you spot a pair of red beaded slippers/shoes amongst the flowers? This is the kind of slippers/shoes that a Peranakan lady (called Nyonya) would wear to match her traditional outfit called the sarong kebaya! Another shot taken w/my iPhone in the #flowerdome at #gardensbythebay in #singapore Good night and sweet dreams dear all! : Dear Friends & Followers: Don't forget to follow at @nature_spotlight and tag your best nature shots (animals, birds, flowers, insects, landscapes, sunrise/sunset, etc...) to #nature_s potlight for a chance to be featured! Also, do visit and tag your shots appropriately to these other fabulous hubs which I'm proud to be a member of (formerly at mrsjoyful): : @Bella_Shots @Bestnatureshot @Fabulous_Shots @Fav_Flowers_ @Fm_Flowers_ @IG_Cameras_United @IP_Blossoms @Loves_United_Members @Macro_Brilliance @Macroclique @Magical_Beauties @Nature_Brillance @Nature_Up_Close @Princely_Shotz @Royalsnappingartists There's a limited number of hubs that one can tag here on IG. Just wanted to say that I give permission to mods/hubs to feature my nature shots provided it is properly credited and acknowledged for use on IG only.
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-No.13 Singapore- 和倫敦相似的地鐵標示 +高樓林立的金融中心 +與香港相似的英國殖民色彩 +非常精緻的人造景點 +多元種族融合的文化 +到處都有的超級大吊扇 +一直被Singlish糾正 =快閃24小時的新加坡印象 #Singapore #merlionpark #gardensbythebay
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Orchid Extravaganza display at Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay! #orc#orchidavaganza #orchid #visitsingapore #visit_singapore #passionmadepossible #singapore #gardensbythebay #flowers
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Gardens by the bay #singapore #gardensbythebay
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