Here's to all the high flyers and swingers🤔😂 in the CrossFit Open 19.4 workout! 19.5 will be released on Thursday! Who's Ready?! Rents Due!👊💪🏼😎 #cro#crossfitopen2019 #rentsdue #whatsyourreason #whatsyourmotivation #neverquit #neverforget #nevergiveup #yourenotdoneyet #yougotthis #garagebox #garagegym #thedriveway #homegym #fitlife #fitforlife #crossfit #crossfitlife #crossfitmasters #mastersathlete #livesore #livesorenation #crossoversymmetry #thedavecastro
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Hey guys! We’ve had a lot of new followers lately, so we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves! We are the founders of Clench Fitness, Andrew (L) and Brandon (R)! We both have a mechanical engineering background and enjoy spending our downtime designing and creating innovative products! That’s how Clench Fitness began, we wanted to create a product that would store resistance bands and get rid of the clutter that consumed our gym bags. Yep, you guessed it! The Clench Band Handle was the solution and we spent countless hours designing and testing to ensure we would be bringing you a quality product! Of course a handle isn’t very useful without resistance bands, so we incorporated a line of top notch bands and took some time to perfect an anchor strap that is unlike many others! We hope that you have found the same versatility, durability, and quality in Clench Fitness as we have intended! If you’re looking to get your hands on these innovative ideas, click on the photo for a direct link to our personal favorite, the Level II Kit!
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It’s #workoutwednesday ‼️ I’m kind of in between gyms right now so I’ve been doing a lot of garage workouts. I found this Nike app and it is a fantastic at home workout resource. Plus it’s FREEEEEE! Great if you travel a lot or just need to get a quick sweat in for the day. 💪🏻
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Some #lesmillsgrit to start my st day of vacation. It kicks my a$$. I'm totally addicted! Its serious endorphin high, this workout. I absolutely cant wait to get training to coach it in 3 weeks. And it absolutely is changing my fitness level FAST. It pushes the comfort zone. It's supposed to make you uncomfortable. Cuz when you go a little harder, a little longer... holy crap the results come quick!
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