Some isolated cable rows tonight, great movement for developing more defined lats.
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Diggin these late night sessions, only 1 meal in feeling plumped. @justin_randall91 @rye25x #iphonecameraisshit
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Hit 225Ib, for 2 on incline finally👌🏼 did it 4 times in total in today’s workout. Hamstring pain has slowly dissipated and leg gains are working their way back🙌🏼🔥 photo cred 📸 to @bekah_believeit ❤️ Also not posting much cause I’m trying to focus on myself academically and in the gym. • • • • #225incline #pullday #gainsgainsgains #focusingonme #physique #aesthetic #inclinebench #myworshipcenter #gymming #fitfam #fitness #physicaltherapy
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