#fur#furloughinfo Posted @withrepost@syreetacfashion It will take families time to recover. And although the federal government has reopened, a long term agreement has still not been reached and the threat of it shutting down again remains. Contractors are still not subject to backpay. However, time and life continue and we’re heading into a season that our graduating teens have been looking forward to for a long time. It does take a village, so I hope that I can help make a stressful time a little easier for my community. Feel free to share! 🖤 • • • • • #acreativedc #dcitystyle #dcfashion #memade #sewcialists #pocwhosews #sewincolour #dmvseamstress #sewersofinstagram #prettygirlssew #blackgirlfly #blavity #blackgirlmagic #ootd #lotd #melanin #slowfashion #blkcreatives #customfashion #design #shopsmall #dcfashiondesigner #furlough #shutdown #dmvprom #thedmvnetwork #madeinthedmv
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#furloughinfo Posted @withrepost@lov@lovelifedmv ATTENTION ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WORKERS!!! Join @raheem_devaughn @lovelifedmv and @akomafoundation as we host our FURLOUGHED WITH FRIENDS ~ Service Appreciation Events!! With the assistance of the public's generosity and donations to our PayPal and GoFundMe Campaign, we will be providing hot meals by @amascateringexperience, Desserts by @mrbakesweets, toiletries, other basic needs items and music provided @djricothenoisemaker! $25 Gas Cards to the 50 Workers in Attendance!! *You Must bring Current, Valid Govt. Employee ID @takomastationtavern, 6914 4th Street NW, Washington, DC 20012 - Sunday, January 27th - 5pm-9pm and Sunday, February 3rd - 11am-3pm We are honored to serve the community and support those individuals and families that have been impacted particularly hard. We ask that you continue to help us with our mission and THANK YOU ALL for your contribution to this cause! For more information about Lovelife Foundation, log on to:  www.lovelifefoundationdmv.org To Make a Donation:  gofundme.com/llf-govt-shutdown-relief-2019
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#registerroundup for Saturday February 1. Take a look! There’s still a good deal of #fur#furloughgroceries, some #furloughfoods, and good #furloughinfo. Thanks to @communityforklift @mdfoodbank @bla@blackpanther and more for the continued support! ❤️ While @blackpanther isn’t a furlough deal, it is a great opportunity to watch this movie in theaters again! See their post for more details. #furloughresources #furlough #furloughregister #dmv #dmvfurlough #governmentshutdown #federalfurlough
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#LAfurlough #furlough #furloughfreebies #furloughresources #thefurloughdiva #furloughinfo #furloughentertainment Posted @withrepost@page.designs.events Page Designs & Events is offering a "Shut Down Special" to furloughed federal employees during the government shutdown. A little relief of having a payment plan with a small deposit for your Carnival Ball Event Table Styling. Having a Stylist can ease the burden of the time & effort that goes into decorating for an event. So give Page Designs & Events a call to book your Stylist today.
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Tonight is it! Have you entered yet? • @fur@furloughregister Stan (@laceberriez) has decided to host a bday bash and donation drive to benefit one or more families impacted by the federal government partial shutdown. We at the @furloughregister are inspired by Stan’s generosity and want to help. Whether you were sitting at home or working without pay, you qualify. You must be in the immediate DMV area to enter. Please email the details below to [email protected] by 9pm Thursday, January 31. 1- provide a picture of your family 2- your (brief) furlough story 3- your biggest lesson learned during this time Along with your entry, please provide a picture of your government ID, phone number, and city, state. Honoree(s) are not required to be present at Stan’s birthday bash/donation drive to be selected. Donations will be disbursed within 1-2 weeks of @laceberriez birthday bash. (The Federal Furlough Register is helping Stan identify families in need. This post is not sponsored.) #fur#furlough #furloughresources #furlough #furloughregister #dmv #dmvfurlough #governmentshutdown #federalfurlough
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#fur#furlough #furloughresources #furlough #furloughregister #dmv #dmvfurlough #governmentshutdown #federalfurlough@dcdiaperbank We're hearing from many folks still in need of diapers and period supplies who aren't able to make it downtown. We know that a month+ without pay can have real and lasting impact - even after the paycheck finally hits. We're hosting a one-day event for furloughed families to provide a two-week supply of diapers, period products, and incontinence pads at our Warehouse. Please note this is for furloughed federal employees and contractors with federal ID. You must bring your child's birth certificate. Note: Today was our last day at the @wckitchen site - a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all their staff & volunteers! We will be there for all families. Be there with us? https://greaterdcdiaperbank.org #morethanadiaper #diaperneed #endperiodpoverty
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#AZfurlough #furlough #furloughfreebies #furloughresources #thefurloughdiva #furloughinfo #furloughfundraiser Posted @withrepost@couponingftlf Three small nonprofit 501C3 organizations is trying to make a Big impact and has come together in Arizona to host operation “Government Give Back” We currently have 5,800 federal employees trying to make ends meet and house and fed their families. As a partial government shutdown continues 18,750 federal workers in our 11 countries service area aren’t receiving a paycheck. A paycheck they need to support themselves and their families. We are here to support our Arizona families.. it’s a scary feeling when you have no idea where your next meal is coming from or if he you will have a safe haven a roof over your head.. This could easily be us one day and I would hope someone would find it in their hearts to assist me. In order to support our neighbors it takes a village. On Sunday February 17th 2019 from 12-5 at the Exodus cultural center located at 4516 N 19th ave, Phoenix, AZ. We will supply our federal workers with a great day of Free Food, music , food boxes, toiletries, baby items , and gift cards (Preferably gas cards). Bring a Badge - Receive a Box We are seeking the community help to donate! We accept all donations... We are looking for toiletries, food, gift cards, & monetary. Several donation avenues will be available- PayPal - Cash App- go fund me , cash and item pick up! Go Fund Me - gofundme.com/6robufs Event Brite: http://governementgiveback.eventbrite.com?s=91271843
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#TXfurlough #furlough #furloughresources #thefurloughdiva #furloughfundraiser #furloughinfo Posted @withrepost@txdiaperbank With the recent furlough, we've been FLYING through diapers. Families have been coming from as far as Beeville, Corpus, and Laredo. 🚗 To help them save time and money that these families don't have, we are giving them 6 months worth of diapers at once.⠀ Please help us restock our shelves with our most needed sizes! We know the babies we're helping will appreciate your donations! 👶 💖
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