As yet another luxury brand, Versace, announces that they’re dropping fur, we travel to the self-proclaimed fur capital of the world, Haining, in China #fur #furfree #peta #haining #fashionhaining @versace @peta
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VICTORY 🎉 And innocent foxes, mink, coyotes, rabbits, and their furry friends across the globe let out a sigh of relief 🦊🐰✌🏼 This is what progress looks like, ladies and gentleman. You're next, @canadagoose 👎🏼 - feel free to join us in the 21st century. Thanks for this hopeful news, @voguemagazine and @donatella_versace ❤️ Credit : @thetreekisser #AnimalsAreNotFabric #animalrights #furfree #fuckfur #animals #animalsofinstagram #animals_in_world #crueltyfree #livecrueltyfree #antifur #animallovers #veganism #veganuary
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Versace says no to fur 🐾❤️ . . . . . #nofur #versace #fashion #furfree #donatellaversace
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Those close to me know I support many animal causes around the globe. One of them right here in BC is The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals and today I met Lesley Fox, Executive Director. Lesley is so amazing and passionate and I was thrilled to talk to her about the vital work being done by her and her team and to be a part of it. I love getting her emails! At today’s special event we came to hear Canadian award winning photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur tell her stories of animal advocacy through her incredible photographs. Her images were sad and haunting but there was also compassion and signs of hope. She documents all these images through her body of work We Animals and is also an author of two books. Jo-Anne’s award winning image is the 2nd pic (scroll left) and Jo-Anne herself is the last pic at her book signing. Truly an inspiring day. Check out their websites to learn more about these amazing organizations @furbearers @weanimals #animaladvocacy #furfree #furbearers #weanimals #animalprotection #freetheanimals
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NATURAL 😍 @mcdrew wearing @eyerisbeauty lashes in HERA!
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On my last two recent visits to the capital I was intrigued to have only just discovered the new Canada Goose shop on Regent Street. As I walked past there were barricades around the main windows and entrance, and they even had their own security. Animal activists with signs were outside too; my brother informed me that there is someone outside every day. It almost just seems mad that after the company has had so much backlash, that they would open a new store on one of the biggest streets in London. Surely, they must have expected public uproar. Even if you are a fan of the brand, how guilty must it feel to walk past these protestors and into the shop, let alone to walk back out with a nice new furry coat; crazy. I can’t see the shop lasting. In today’s society, it must only be a matter of time until all major brands stop using animal fur. The conversation about fur in fashion seems to have reignited in recent times. There were protesters outside Marc Jacobs during NYFW and a protester managed to break onto the runway at Mary Katrantzou’s show in London; despite neither of them using real fur. This memory of the Canada Goose store was sparked by the news from Donatella Versace, “I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.” Versace has been seen as a house of extravagance, glamour and luxury that has used fur for years. However, it has now joined the likes of Tom Ford, Gucci and Michael Kors that are now going fur-free. The International Fur Federation’s CEO responded to Versace stating, “The majority of top designers will continue to work with fur as they know it is a natural product that is produced responsibly.” Therefore, do you think that fur is too much of a worldwide staple in the fashion or will this material continue to vanish from the runway over time? @versace #canadagoose #fur #furfree #tomford #gucci #michaelkors #fashionwithoutfur #youthculture
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