Please arrive early for tonight’s bootcamp class ! It’s going to be very busy ! #sheerfitness #funfitness #fullbodyworkouts #circuittraining #groupexercise #boxingtraining
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#Repost from @eszumba with ... All these gorgeous ladies just gave me so many smiles that my heart melted today! Thank you for being so fabulous and gave it a try even if you think you can't dance (which you all totally can!!!) Xxx #burlexercise #burlexerciseshowgirls #energie_hemel_fitness #hemelhempstead #fitnesslovers #dancefit #fitfam #loveit #fitforall #shimmy #funfitness #fabulous #buzzing
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THAT W E E K E N D LIFE. But wait, it’s Monday. Monday is NO different than any other day. Rest, fitness, fruit, superfoods, veggies, cuddles, repeat. I absolutely LOVE + thrive off of an energized, balanced routine. ⠀ The more weight I lost and the healthier I became -- the more I realized that "treating" myself meant taking care of myself. Always. Every moment of every day. ⠀ Weekend "splurging" should mean you are getting in MORE rest than usual, or you are taking a bubblebath, or you are going to buy yourself a new sports bra, or you are eating EXTRA plants + drinking MORE water. ⠀ End the trend of sickness. End the trend of obesity, anxiety, anger, depression, disease. ⠀ No longer will you eat poisonous, processed foods as a "treat." No longer will you watch endless hours of TV to "relax." No longer will you kill your cells with alcohol to have a "good time." ⠀ Easier said than done? Yes. Necessary? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes. Need help? Link in bio.
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At CrossFit Leamington we know you have cheaper options. The fitness industry is saturated by budget gyms who's business models actually DEPEND on you not turning up. We are a small, boutique gym that focuses on a limited number of members and providing them a service that they cannot get at any other facility. Our job is to not only provide the results you are looking for, but to also educate and motivate. Our members attend an average of 4.5 classes per week!⠀ ⠀ If you are interested in starting a new fitness routine then check out our website:⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #CFL #crossfit #crossfitleamington #fitness #fitnessmotivation #leamingtonspa #warwick #constantlyvaried #funfitness #groupfitness #morningworkout #morningexercise #morningfitness #earlybird #riseandshine #coach
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