Who has tried Sarsaparilla root? It’s one of my favourite herbal teas ☕️ @herbalhealthregeneration #bringinghealthtolife Any information contained in this post is strictly for educational purposes. It does not involve the diagnosing, treatment, or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases.
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PSA: Eat ENOUGH + eat the RIGHT FOODS + eat them CONSISTENTLY = STAY VEGAN & THRIVE 🙌✨ . . . Here’s the thing. I bought into extreme fasting & calorie restriction in the name of health just like these influencers who are suddenly dropping veganism. For the past 9 months as a raw vegan, I have undoubtedly been under-eating. 😱 I thought consistent intermittent fasting, juice fasts, calorie restriction, and even water fasting would help me to look & feel my best. 🤦‍♀️ . . . And at first, it did. I lost weight, experienced the highs of fasting & detox, and felt I was in great health. But at some point, it caught up to me. The thing is, so many people (raw vegan male influencers, I’m looking at you!!!) preach the benefits of fasting and restriction, but so few warn of the damage this can cause our bodies when done in excess. ESPECIALLY for women. Metabolic damage? 🤔 Yeah, that’s a thing. . . . When I started gaining weight, experiencing digestive issues, and noticing major hormonal imbalances a couple months ago, I was like... “WTF am I doing wrong?!” and hopped on one fast/cleanse after another. What I thought would fix me up was actually exacerbating the issue. 😫 . . . But I didn’t blame veganism or raw foods for this. Instead, I reached out to other women who have been thriving on this lifestyle long-term and discovered that I was experiencing the results of metabolic damage. 🤯 Since taking responsibility & sharing a bit in my stories, I’ve learned that many of us are struggling with this right now. It’s clear that we need to educate each other on how to EAT CORRECTLY & EAT ENOUGH on a high-carb vegan diet!!! 🌿 . . . I’m just beginning my journey to reverse metabolic damage, and I plan to share more down the line, but here’s what I know so far: ✨ EAT IN ABUNDANCE! 2000+ calories MINIMUM DAILY from fruit & greens. Zero restriction. ✨ STOP FASTING. There is no “quick fix.” Long-term sustainable eating on fruit-based will give the same results. It might take longer, but it’s worth it to avoid the damage. ✨ PROPER FOOD COMBINING IS KEY. Don’t mix fruit & fats. Get most of your cals from fruit carbs. Research! . . . More to come on this topic. 💚
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cabbage courgette chives walnuts avocado 🥑 black pepper himilayan salt olive oil lemon 🍋 #fullyraw #rawvegan #zoodles #salad #nutrition #health #plantbased #alkaline
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So here I am. Real talk today... as a way to celebrate the Spring Equinox and welcome in this new season of growth & blooming I decided I wanted to cleanse my body & mind. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been consuming a raw high fruit diet & actually managed to cut out coffee completely. (Woo, never thought I could do it! 👏) These changes have been making me feel amazing & much more attuned to my inner world. 🍇🍓🍊💜 As today marks the equinox, I planned on embarking on a 5-day water fast to deepen this emotional & physical cleanse. 💦 Well, as my humanness got the best of me, I couldn’t hold true to my commitment. 16 hours into my fast, I suddenly felt like a little kid & began to experience really heavy emotions. I broke my fast because I didn’t feel totally ready to sit with all of this at this time. At first I was disappointed in myself, but now I’m just honoring my process. I know I’ll be ready at some point in time & this experience really woke me up to a lot of things I have yet to work through. 🌸 I hope you are bringing in the start of this new season with something special. Take time today to reflect on this past winter & set intentions for the spring. Get out in nature & walk barefoot if you can. Connect! 👣🌳
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When I go shopping it looks like this 😁 The honey melon was so good! Tempting to go to the store and get another one 🙈 #veganfoodhaul #foodhaul #whatveganseat
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Its FRIDAY & i’m in the mood for 🎉 Party Bread 🎉 who’s with me? Yet another awesome recipe from @bosh.tv 🙌🏻 ⠀ 🍻 🥦 Credit to @veganvideos #vegans #rawfood #stopeatinganimals #vegano #veganvibes #govegan #healthyvegan #veganeats #veganlove #fullyraw #rawtillwhenever #veganuary #eatplants #photooftheday #like4like #instamood #bestoftheday #picoftheday #followme
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🍋LEMON TURMERIC GINGER SHOTS + freshly ground black pepper to help the body absorb the beneficial curcumin🌟 - These are the only shots that we take these days! 🍻 We like to call these our “flu shots”😉 This combination of ingredients is just what your body needs if you are run down or sick, sip on this mixture gradually throughout the day to assist the body with healing. If you aren’t sick, that’s even better! By taking at least a shot of this weekly + consuming a high vibrational diet loaded with raw fruits & veg🍊🍌🍎 + getting a dose of nature daily🌲🌻 + grounding yourself by walking barefoot on the earth🦶🏼🌎 + breathing fresh air💨 + absorbing ample amounts of sunshine🌞 + having a POSITIVE mindset (this is huge!) 😁 Doing these things has prevented us from getting ANY sickness for 2 years now, when we used to get sick 4-5 times a year with relentless, terrible symptoms 😩😷 - You are what you eat! Eat LIFE, feel ALIVE! 🌈⚡️
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