Om en kunde fotografera doftintryck. #friskluft #pålandet #instadalarna #skog #hemma #country_features
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Day 13: Wayah Shelter to Natahala outdoor center 16.3m/26,3k (120.4-136.7) Frozen Woke up to snow this morning in the shelter and temp just above freezing. First night sleeping in the shelter and besides the Thermarest with the invisible hole I had a warm and good sleep. Yeh have not seen a snowfall before and was amazed. On the trail we experienced rain, snow and hail through the day but pushed at a decent pace. It was a more technical terrain than what we have encountered earlier and I had to focus hard to keep the pace. We have ended tonight’s hike at NOC where a famous vegan burger was ordered. But I do it much better IMHO so perhaps I should put up a vegan joint here 😀 We are gonna camp in our tents at the HOBO camp and I guess with my dirty feet it is a perfect match Just enjoying a Currahee Hazy IPA as we did two days ago in Franklin. Love this beer ___ #at2019 #atclassof2019 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrail2019 #thruhike #thruhiker #vandring #friluft #friskluft
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