Heard about this place from my friends many times and it was in my list for so long. Finally visited it for lunch. . . Let's talk about @kallistorestaurant . The parking space was adequate and the attendant was helpful. Ya, there were lots of stairs to the restaurant definitely not so suitable for senior citizens but for me it was absolutely alright. The setup, building and the scenery was simply awesome as it gives a complete gorgeous view of the roads and houses down below in bahria town. . . I sat by the window and had lunch ☀️. Ordered mushroom 🍄 and jalapeño beef steak side option fries 🍟 and blue colada . . . The steak was cooked well done ✅. It was served with grilled veggies, caramelised onions on top with mushroom and jalapeño sauce. Steak was sizzling and mouth watering. It wasn't overly spicy 🌶 but very flavourful. The portion size was very generous. Full bowl of fries drew my attention 🤤. Blue colada was good loved the colour and taste both. But quantity was less I believe. . Mushroom & jalapeño steak: Rs. 1099/- excluding tax Blue colada: Rs. 299/- excluding tax . Suitable for everyone, more like a family style and Gt type place. You go back full , satisfied and happy!! Overall great experience with alluring view. . Overall experience: 9/10 Food quality: 9/10 Food quantity: 9/10 Ambience: 10/10 Value of money: 9/10 . #foodie #foodblogger #foodforlife #foodreviews #foodogram #reviews #steak #beefsteak #fries🍟 #bluecolada🍸 #bahriatownislamabad #islamabad
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