Cant wait to be there! What wines would you enjoy more of if you had your own winery?? We want to know!
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#vino🍷#fridayeve#degustation#cava#welcomedrin#cooworkers Очень классно, когда коллега, с которой плотно работаешь, тоже увлекается дегустациями, итальянской кухней и легка на подъем ..👏🏻🙅🏼‍♀️6 часов и мы убежали отдыхать !)
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When someone say Morocco, the first thing coke to my mind is delicious food, #couscous is from fam dishes in Morocco
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@holeymoleygolf in Darlinghurst first mini golf eve with my colleagues was so much fun... I had never been before even we have this mini golf bar place in my town for pretty long time cause I just simply did not like the fact that my local live music pub which I loved was gone and replaced with this chain party venue. So I was bit skeptical for this place opened near the office but with drinks and friends, it was actually fun. Some 🔑 for having fun are A) have drinks before going B) keep drinking while playing C) Big group of good & fun friends. I can definitely recommend this place for great fun time with friends (if you don't drinks, I'm not sure how much you would enjoy though) #holeymoley #holeymoleygolfclub #holeymoleydoughnuts #minigolf #fridayeve #drinkwithcolleagues #marketingguyinnfp #jwanderson #vans #nudiejeans
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