I would be really worried about the shade of green my right hand is turning IF I didn’t spend so much time with my hand in a bell... . Also, I am worried about the shade of green my hand is turning. This is a cry for help. 😂
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This Monday morning transcribing requires two cups of coffee, side by side.
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When I was in 6th grade I wrote a poem about how music made me feel, specifically how French Horn made me feel music. My middle school band director hung it up in the band room. . I wonder which 3 notes from which method book made me fall head over heels with the most antiquated tube in the closet. . Feeling thankful to everyone who consistently supports me in my attempt to bring this thing out of the dark ages.
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I left a corporate restaurant job to pursue music on May 20,2016. . I had the drive, the desire, the passion... I wanted to eat, sleep & breathe music more than anything. . 2 years later & I’m so proud of my 2016 self for taking the leap & diving in. I’ve had some wonderful musical experiences since I have been able to commit myself to my passion. . 10 months ago I added fitness into my daily routine & I started noticing how powerfully fitness was supporting my practice & performance on horn & voice. . 8 months ago I quit smoking. After being miserably sick for a month or two - really crazy stuff started happening for my playing. . In less than a year, these changes to my daily routine have helped me take huge steps with my instrument & my voice. . Here’s a short list of benefits I’ve noted from my newly implemented healthier lifestyle in regards to playing & singing. 1. Playing with less tension in my face, hands, lower body 2. Stronger air support, breath control, and ease of breathing 3. More energy to spend time for practice & self improvement 4. Endurance in practice & performance is significant 5. Incredibly mentally present in practice & performance . I’m so glad that I’ve made these changes to and for my body, my mind & my lifestyle. Fitness is powerful & has become a necessary part of my continued improvement. . If you want an unconventional life you’ve got to train unconventionally.
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@maidoforleans504 shirts! First run ever! You can catch me @cafenegrilnola sportin’ mine and you can buy your very own for $20! If you can’t make it to Frenchmen Street and want to lock yours down ASAP message me! Come out and get your rock on with me and the fellas 🖤💀 @ianpetillo @terraterraband @kylecrippsmusic @thadonius 🤘🤘🤘
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missing bae. the mouthpiece in my pocket just ain’t the same with out her.
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