The Fremantle sun is the perfect backdrop for a selfie. This was a perfect day. #selfies #photos #photographs #fre#fremantle #australia #westaustralia #perth #fremantle #pics
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🍁Rose gold, she said, like rose gold.🍁 - I only have one thing to do on my list anytime I return to Perth, and that is to visit the absolute babe known as Miss Bee at @peggy_sues_parlour - I used to visit her in the outskirts of William Street when my hair was waist long and I was still trying to make it through university without losing my mind. I still remember her three-legged black cat and how I left my first appointment feeling like a goddess. Sitting in her chair is basically therapy to me, and I always leave with both my heart and my head ten times lighter. - - Miss Bee has never let me, or my hair down. I never tell her what to do with it, because that is how much trust I put in her skill. Please visit her at Freo, but make an appointment first cos she's actually hot stuff and don't be a picky ass bitch, just let her work her magic.
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DEXTEROUS: Clever Cookies 🤓
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We will be offering a relaxed show for our 10am session of The Night Zoo on Saturday Sept 22. Relaxed performance are open to everyone, but are particularly appropriate for anyone who may find the usual theatre environment challenging. There will be limited capacity for this session. Please call us on 9335 5044 to find out more :) . . . . #sparepartspuppets #theatre #relaxed #show #freo #fremantle #kids #activities #fun #thenightzoo #puppets
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POWERFUL TOOL THAT HELPED ME HEAL MY LOWER BACK PAIN: How: My first position I am laying on my back with my knees locked out and my feet fully flexed towards my knee, as I raise my leg towards the ceiling I also tuck my chin to my chest, this puts the nerve pathway on tension allowing it to de-sensitize and help in decreasing pain and restoring function! My second position is the same except I start with my chin to my chest and as I raise my leg up towards the ceiling my head and neck lower back down to a neutral position! Why: Pain is very complex, we still do not fully understand if, what we do know is that without nerves we couldn’t and wouldn’t feel pain (or be alive) so because we have nerves we feel pain, when pain becomes chronic often the nervous system is very sensitive so one powerful tool is to de-sensitize the nerve pathways whilst working on restoring physical and physiological function! Try this and let me know how you go 😀☯️🥦 #pain #backpain #fremantle #fremantlebusiness #primitivehumanhealth
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SWEETEST 💗 Have you ever seen anything sweeter! Love this print from our friends over @alexandant - shop this in store or on line now!
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West Coast Blocs t-shirts are now in! Ask the guys on reception to get hold of yours! 🙂 . . Registration is still open but there are only limited spaces left in the morning session 😬 . . . . . . . #westcoastblocs #portsideboulders #bouldering #boulderingcompetition #fremantle #freo #climbing #climbinggym
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