Burning calories this week. #movipro #alexamini #zeissultraprimes #lasvegas
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Pictures up!! 🚁📽🎬
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Pa atrás ni pa agarrar impulso. #duelos #yomellamo #movim10 #freeflysystems #canonmarkiv #guasca
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Stress is relative. Some are stressed out by kayaking in Class V whitewater, some are stressed by the load of paper work on their desk, some are stressed by the financial management living in a society or managing various businesses brings, some may find more stress managing the relationship with their spouses child from a previous marriage, some are stressed with the massive amount of equipment they have to manage while building an oil pipeline across the country (or maybe not), some are stressed with flying an airplane or helicopter properly in strenuous conditions with a jet full of passengers, some are stressed with managing the decisions of entire regions and hundreds of thousands of people, some are stressed their waiter didn’t give them the right dressing and is now busy with another table, some are stressed with managing their social media accounts properly, some are stressed their mom or dad hasn’t been around, some are stressed by the amount of dogs they have to walk at the same time, some are stressed about how much baggage they have to carry through the airport on their own with no one offering them genuine help and assistance willingly, some are stressed about when their bartender or hostess is going to make it back to the table, some are stressed the won’t make it into the exit lane soon enough so they have to drive impatiently, some are stressed with expectations of others.... did I say “some?” I mean EVERYONE. Did you ever stop to realize what other people are experiencing in their own life? Stress MANAGEMENT is not relative - it is something that applies to every human beings’ thought process. Instead of judging someone else’s stress management techniques, learn to manage your own. Commend your fellow civilian or stranger - do you notice how that’s harder than commending a friend sometimes? - because it’s that small act of acknowledgement and kindness that will rock this world into a more positive experience. Thanks for reading and opening your mind rather than mindlessly scanning your profile for instant gratification and basic surface level stimulation 🙏🏼 ~ I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you ~
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Took a totally different lighting approach on this one over the weekend. No lights were filling the cyc at all, just a single 1k hitting the middle of the floor to give the band a bit of fill and create a vignette. The singer @sunofzeusss is keyed with some @quasarscience LEDs and also has a 650w tungsten hair light (gelled red) to give him a creepy vampire look 🧛‍♂️ I love trying new techniques! What do you guys think of this set up?? 📷: @burkeflorom
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