I can do it for myself so why can I not do it for me. Hear it all the time, and I used to say it too. It was a question that was asked by one of our Freedom90 ladies the other day. I can seem to dish out all the advice and wisdom to my friends but I just cannot seem to apply it to myself. Ok, here is the deal on this one and WHY you cannot seem to do it for yourself. Let's just slow this one down a look at it for what it is. Something happens with a friend, you either speak to them immediately AFTER or you sit and chat about it over coffee or some sh*t like that. What's happening at that moment? You slow it down You pick apart the pieces You are talking and chatting it over You are essentially coaching each other When that thing was happening to your friend it happened in a split moment! They did not have time to react to it That is the same for you, when something happens it happens in a split moment AND if you have not had any coaching on it or chatted about it before, of course, you are going to miss the mark on it. It's easy to do the thing, but hard to spot if you are not attuned to it all and aware of it. How you get around the whole "I can't seem to do it for myself" is by slowing it down. Just like you do with your friends Stop Chat Listen Rectify There is a skill in being AWARE of what is going on and identifying it, but that just takes practice. Don't beat yourself up for not being able to stop thing your just not aware of the power you have at that moment. Baz and I do it all the time. We identify something sit down and go over it together. Slow time. Notice it, get your journal out, chat to yourself about it, slow it down, be your own friend. THEN you will be able to apply your wisdom and advice to yourself Simples L 💜💚✌🏻
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Can something as small as a glass of water help you lose weight? Let me ask you this. Is a beach made up of one big lump of sand or small little grains? Sometimes we dismiss the simple things when it comes to losing weight. ☹️ The glass of water in the morning Parking a little further away in the supermarket Swapping one AM snack for fruit Taking the stairs Walking about while brushing your teeth All small things that seem irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. 🧐 The fitness industry seldom focuses on this. Not us this is what our weight loss and health foundations are built on. 🏡 They will have you believe that the only way to get fit and lose weight is to go to the gym, do endless hours of cardio and eat crunchy water (salad) or drink wateries (what happens when you add too much liquid to your smoothie) 😆 Sure all those things are GREAT and valuable but what about the small things. 👼🏻 They are just as important if not more. Just look at a beach. Every single beach is made up of a single grain of sand. 🏖 individually made and crafted so set off a beautiful sight. Even those beaches that are made up of sharp shingle which is like waking over Lego. lol 😤 Compounded the make up the beach. This is just like the small things you can do every day to add up.📆 We know this is true because we focus on this on F28 Sleep, Water, Food, Exercise No meal plans, no workout plans just pure simple things you can apply and dissolve in our day so it makes things SIMPLE for you. We have FreedomFigthers lose a copious amount of weight light this from 1/2 stone all the way up to 2 stone! Small grains of sand. L&B 💜💚✌🏻
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Slowing it down and then speeding it up 🔥 • #freedom90 #chestexpanaion #springboardpilates #chestpress #legwork #bootyworkouts
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