Half man half fish. Cool half/half photo by @svshaula #utila #freediveutila #freediving
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One week on this island and I’m a certified freediver! Made it to 20 meters (66 feet) and stoked to keep working on my equalization over the next couple weeks before continuing onto the advanced course 🌊
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It's been a hell of a time living and diving with the crew at @freediveutila for the last few months. Big thanks to Tex for having us! #freediveutila
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The best safety diver in the game. . . . During an amazing dive session this morning which was packed full of 30m wreck swim throughs, personal best exhale dives and diving with @svshaula for the first time since he arrived. Plus on top of all of that we had the pleasure of this little guy joining us for a few minutes. Diving really doesn't get much better than days like this. @lostwinds @freediveutila
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Selfies look better at 40m... or do they? . . . Getting back into the ocean and diving everyday has been amazing, only a little over a week of diving and I'm feeling as strong as I ever have in the water. I'm slowly plugging away at my instructor course while quickly realizing it will be much more challenging then I expected, but at the same time the exact type of personal challenge I've been looking for. Sorry for lack of post and updates. Lots is still headed your way, we just have our hands full with @____turnthepaige just arriving and getting settled while I'm burying myself in studies for my courses. A fresh video from a recent trip to Catalina is coming real soon! Promise. Also, love the new wetsuit @pathosprospearfishing.
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if the ocean can calm itself, so can you. we are both salt water mixed with air. Nayyirah Waheed This #morning I started my day at the #bottom of the #sea, surrounded by #jellyfish, #alone with #myself and a #breath in my #lungs. I was #happy. #freediving #freedivephotography #freediveutila #caribbean #homeawayfromhome.
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Sean made it look easy! #freediveutila #car#caribbeanfreedivinga> #caribbeanfreediving #honduras #utila #apneatotal
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Sunset yoga and early nights in the Bay of Islands 🏝 #apneatotal #utila #freediving #sunset #freediveutila
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