When all the sick bug wants to do is make cookies & you can’t give them away due to the germs ... Ugh I’m going to gain 9,000lbs or have to have self control 🤣
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Welcome to our new #creativemamaphotogs loop! We've come together to celebrate the everyday as it relates to being a woman, mother, and creative. I've teamed up with some amazing mamas who want to photograph their families and their days with more intention. Whether it's magical or mundane, it's all part of our story. Follow along with us by clicking through! This week we are considering #connection Up next check out @erica.heinrichs • I have discovered connection & attachment comes in many different forms. This boy has a bond so strong to this monkey ... he has 4 identical ones but this is the only one he really loves. At about 18 months old he lost him, he was devastated, couldn’t sleep, when he did he cried at his dreams (for the only time in his life), I had reward posters everywhere as we thought we had left it in a store ... I honestly feel he felt as desperate as I would if I were to loose him. Then 2 weeks later, he appeared, in the living room behind a couch & once again his world returned to normal, he was happy, he slept & the crying stopped.
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My youngest was home again today, it appears he now has viral myositis (has never heard of this but quickly found out about it as he couldn’t stand to get out of bed). Thankfully he was in good spirits so we passed the time making cookies, playing games, etc etc ... I sound like I have my shit together, I don’t - scroll to the final picture to see the rest of the reality. This poor kiddo needs to get better & get back to school. • Oh the winter wall hit me today. I can’t wait for spring, to see the boys playing outside barefoot, to see grass & flowers & leave the house without layers of clothes!! 3 weeks until some kind of warm up surely...
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Happy Valentines Day to all of you. • The sun shone for just a few minutes today & I loved it. It’s also warmed up a few degrees & it no longer hurts my face to go outside ... Mother Nature gave us that gift this valentines, thank you! • My husband & I don’t really do valentines (he was thrilled when he discovered I was not into it) due to the fact it’s my dad’s birthday so I’ve always thought of feb 14 as dad’s birthday & we show those we love that we love them everyday!! However, we bought an instant pot ... I will make meals filled with love in it all year!!
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2019 Valentines box! @allenmarler always pegs me with the design he chooses. This year is no exception!! A Marigold flower for our sweet girl. And it is the coolest design! Love my crafty hubby😘 He started this little tradition way back in high school when we first started dating. The first year, he made his own heart shaped box to fill with my favorite candies. It grew from there! This is box number 13! Wouldn’t want to spend them with anyone else, Big Papa. ❤️Happy Valentines Day!❤️ check out my stories for the last 12 boxes!📦 #valentinesday #craftyhubby #valentinesboxtradition #thegoldiedays #marigoldjune #framedjanuary2019
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Hearts & chocolate & flowers, oh my! Happy Valentines Day! ❌⭕️❤️🍫💐💗
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Sleepy Coco. A little bit of sunshine shining through the window today and I caught this sweet kitty sleeping. It is is so funny how I see the light everywhere since I took @etst class framed. I love you that I am able to use what I learned and I feel that creativity in the photos I take again. Lots if time for pictures with #seattlesnowmageddon #sleepyinseattle #framedjanuary2019
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We escaped at 4:30, & it was still light & only a little bit below freezing so it was glorious. I returned home feeling renewed & happy, got to the gym for 5:15am so actually moved today ... ahhhh ... relax & be happy. My youngest is still not feeling 100% hence the wagon!
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