Woke up at 8am, rode 40 miles (almost froze my ass off), came home, pruned my roses and fertilized them as well. Took a shower and now waiting friends to celebrate Easter altogether. Ahh yeah honeymooning hard here too! Life's good 😊😘 Happy Easter and/or Passover for those who celebrate 🙏🏻. #FPJourne #Spring2019 #WOMW #DeckLife
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The Centigraphe Sport was never really a screamer for attention. When it was first launched it had a light grey almost silver color as it was made entirely from aluminum. Then, FPJ switched the bracelet and case to titanium and the dial was colored to match, all together to be more of a darker grey. Not long ago, FP launched the CTS2 making the case slightly bigger and contrasting it with a lacquered yellow dial. All together, the grey of the case and bracelet, combined with the red accents on the dial, and finally that yellow dial makes this a winner in my books. Maybe not a piece for all, but definitely one of the more fun, high horology pieces for others, and with a movement weighing a mere 11g! 📸: @adammarelli #thejourneguy #fpjourne #dailywatch #wat#watchesofinstagram #horology #wristshot #watchporn #watches #hodinkee #sjxwatches
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I pulled out an old jacket today and realized it was a nice match. The dial really has many interesting elements. #fpjourne #fpjourneofficial #fpjournewatches
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