WORRIER . . I am a worrier. . . I worry about a lot of stuff and money was something I used to worry about daily, it used to preoccupy me at some point most days. . . I worried about what I’d do if I couldn’t work? What would happen if my husband lost his job or I did? What if we had more children How would we save for our kids going to uni & go on nice holidays and eat out as much as we like to 😂 and pay for all the activities and save for a new house etc etc etc . How would we create our dream life when someone else dictated our pay? . . Maternity leave was a big shock 7 years ago and this morning I found myself worrying about next month because it’s my first on statutory maternity leave when I’ll really feel it. . . Then I remembered I have my arbonne business and my second income. Phew!!. . . It’s like my brain worries so much sometimes it forgets the things I’ve done to set myself up for success rather than worry. Does anyone else do that? . . This is why I show up 20 minutes before Arbonne trainings start and why I smile when I’m in a room full of mummas I know had the same worries but have turned those around because of their businesses. . . Next month I am going to remind myself to be more grateful for that mid month pay cheque that will allow me a longer maternity leave 🙏 . . Does anyone else worry about money?
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33. My most favourite age yet ✨
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New Class Alert!!! TUESDAYS 2-3pm Postnatal Therapeutic Yoga for mamas with pre-crawling (or just barely crawling) babies 0-9 mos with second time mama + yoga therapist, Becca @joyfulpathyoga ! This class will help establish a re-connection to your body, breath and mind after having baby. It includes education and check for Diastatis Recti, a breath and alignment centered yoga practice, a focus on posture in all positions & daily movements, different types of meditation and breathing practices and community support that every mama needs! If you can make it alone, call it a victory, if you can’t, please bring your pre-crawling baby along. #happybabyla #postnatal #postnatalyoga #yogatherapy #mommyandme #mommyandmeyoga #southbaymommies #southbaymoms #socalmoms #lamommies #fourthtrimester #joyfulpathyoga #normalizebreastfeeding #bre#bre#breastfeeding #breastfeeding #breastfeeding
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Buddha Belly Massage treatments are curated to the needs of the woman wherever she is on her motherhood journey. Treatments focus on relieving common discomforts experienced during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage is suitable after the first trimester and up until full term. Postnatal massage treatments are also available. Offering mobile massage to clients in the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne. If eligible you may be able to claim with your health fund. Please contact to make a booking. www.buddhabelly.com.au #massage #pregnancy #pos#pos#postnatalmassage #womanhood #motherhood #pregnancymassage #postnatal #postpartum #postnatalmassage #melbourne #melbournemums #mum #mumlife #newbaby #babybump #mumtobe #nurture #selfcare #love #fourthtrimester
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So many of us give our power away - by that I mean going against what *feels* right in favour of what someone else deems is best for us. ________ In pregnancy, particularly, I hear so many women say "I am not allowed to..". Remember it is your body. You are entitled to exercise informed consent. Do your research. Question everything. Get a second, third opinion until your decision *feels* right. __________ Maya Dusenbury's book Doing Harm is such a good book - it holds a light up to all of the ways women are dismissed in the medical system. I chatted with @mayadusenbery on Episode 2 of the Podcast. Many stories Maya shares include women having a felt sense that something wasn't right with their bodies. We all have an intuitive knowing if we are still and quiet so as to tune into this. ___ I was reading about Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis which opened its Institute for Health and Healing in 2004. Apparently their teams receive intuition training. Team members meet every morning to set their intention to heal and help those they are scheduled to visit that day. More of this! ___ Art by @onbeinginyourbody
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The pure joy on this grandma’s face speaks volumes! How sweet that she can wear her new grandchild for some extra cuddles ❤️ #bwofoahu #fourthtrimester #babywearinggrandma #grandparentslove #sweetsnuggles #purejoy #happiness #grandbaby
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I taught my labor skills workshop again tonight. I don’t have a magic picture to share of it because I’m too busy, you know, *teaching* to whip out my phone. So here’s one of my own kids a couple days after my youngest was born. Tonight was a special night that included a lot of laughter and some shared tears. It reinforced for me that women want and NEED to know not only how to cope with labor but be prepared for the immediate journey ahead. I look at this picture of my own two and just wish I could turn back the clock — especially with her — and be more aware of what is normal and not, and where to find help instead of being miserable. Knowledge is power. I deserved it when I knew I had prolapse but I got brushed off. You deserve it. Your friends/neighbors/sisters/everyone deserves thorough #postpartum care. #postpartumbody #fourthtrimester #mombod #prolapse #birthinjury
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they.so.cute!!! omgoodness ❤️ .. ✨ cricket requested to pose with this cute pup creation at the local #scrapexchange this weekend... and y’all I legit can’t stop smiling at this pic .. ✨ they are sweet medicine to my soul. truly. even after four tantrums on the floor from the littlest love, three bathroom trips, 51 purchase denials/negotiations and I’m about to lose my mind... still .. ✨ #mommyhood #childrenareablessing #motherhoodismymuse #motherhoodishard #joyinthechaos
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