Most of the words she knows she learnt through songs. She sings a lot. Well, all the time. Her head is like the strangest mixed taped. She feels rhythm and hears music, has since tiny. I think she has talent for music like her uncle Míša. She is also as cool as him and overall much cooler than us. She goes all avant-garde with her elastic bands, layers of socks, NHS lanyards, and empty puzzle frames around her torso. I found a photo of Míša today with the best ever Mohawk, covered in studs and chains leading the family ‘who cares what others think’ tradition. Anyway, he sent me this a little while ago, just about to start a gig. May the punk stays in her blood, may she enhances our creative parts, may she keeps us on our toes and forces us question what we felt we knew for certain. 🤟🏼#livefastneverslow #takovanormalnirodinka #punksnotdead #herecomesthesun #mollyisasingerinaband #tojsmesidneskazaseuzilisveta #day363 @theshiftygrifts
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Marrakeš se nám ukázala v tom nejkrásnějším světle hned první večer ☀️
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Když tohle je prostě tak nádherný stroj 🙂 @bus_na_cestach
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