#Mar#Marioy at #Qua#QuakeCon2018! Original #N64#N64 on the #Projector in the #BYOC. This game came down to #coins to determine the #winner! The #N64 was a such a great gaming #era. . . . #DFW#DFWGV #TheDFWGV #Dallas #FortWorth #DFW #GameNight #QuakeCon #Yoshi #Mario #Luigi #PrincessPeach
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Shark brand #Sriracha is underrated but you gotta try it. Tangy, vinegary and a little sweet. Perfect on some wingz drizzled with #HellaHot honey. #TestKitchen
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Back to school time, come get fresh for school. ••••BUY ONE GET ONE FREE CUTS ••••BRAIDING SPECIAL. •••• NAIL SPECIALS This Saturday from 11-4 come out and join us. Free school supplies, bounce houses, live Dj, free food, raffles, etc... You don’t wanna miss out in this event. #backtoschool #grandprairie #fortworth #irving #texaslive #explore #arlington #tattoos #dfw #1upbarberandbeautylounge
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I was at an Anthropology today for the first time in forever. I skimmed a book about female bosses and skipped ahead to Tavi Gevinson and her advice. I helped myself to a spritz of a perfume I already owned just to see if it still smelled good on me (it did). But I wasn’t there to shop; I was there to see what was selling (and what wasn’t). I conspicuously checked all the price tags and I made a note of any similarities between what was in the clearance closet and what was on the sales floor (one issue with fast fashion is that, due to the pressure of putting out new stuff in such a short amount of time and in such short notice, there’s no time to evaluate what worked and what didn’t before designing/ordering the next season’s line, so there’s stuff on the sales floor that looks strikingly like what’s in the clearance closet). I do this from time to time, going to popular fast fashion stores, to see what to look for at thrift/vintage/antique shops to find the real deal at a fraction of the price. Then I find out what fast fashion stores like Zara or UO is selling them for and I try to sell at equal or lesser value. Fashion buying is something I learned from Parsons. I also learned how to use a mood board and so far mine has increased the number of visits/sales in my shop. 📷: @within_my_vision_4
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It all started here but we are in mission to spread this message worldwide ✔️
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Putting smiles on faces, one slurp at a time🍜 #HanabiRamen
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