If you sits, I sits. This dog, y'all!! LOL if I am sitting on the floor he is right there on me! . I discovered Pinterest about the same time I quit smoking. Can I tell you that's the worst combination ever?? I was baking all kinds of stuff and I was the only one eating it. . It didn't take me long to decide I had to find a way to manage the weight or I was going back to smoking. C25K was all the rage at the time so I decided to try it. I had never been a runner but figured it wasn't worth a shot. . Surprisingly, I found I really enjoyed it. I felt super awkward at first, like there was some giant sign over my head telling all passer by that I didn't have any clue what I was doing but after a few runs, I was able to move past the awkward. C25K is A GREAT start to a fitness journey. It provides a free, easy to follow schedule and doesn't require any equipment. I loved that the early runs were achievable and that if I struggled on a particular day, I could just do it again. . I'll never be fast but there's something addictive about running!! . #readytocommit #c25k #formersmoker #formercouchpotato #cessationnation #runnersofinstagram #runningturtles #whodathunkit #chessieproblems #chessiesnuggles #chessiesofinstagram
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Today is the day! 2191 days to be precise! . 6 years ago today I smoked my last cigarette at 130PM! That kicked off the hardest 4 weeks of my life. There were many times I wanted to pick one up again but my motivation was that if I picked one up again I'd have to start again and THAT wasn't an option. . I am so grateful for #cessationnation! Their app gave me constant reinforcement by showing me exactly how far off come and distraction in the way of games when I was having a weak moment. . I was so afraid of failing when I decided to quit that I didn't tell my family for a week. It was like I needed to prove to myself it was really going to happen before raising their hopes. . Are you thinking about quitting? Not sure you can do it? I can promise you this, you cannot accomplish anything in life without taking the first step. Afraid you can't do it alone? So was I!! You can totally do this and so much more! . #readytocommit #formersmoker #smokefree #youcandoanything
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Very efficient way of timing your fag breaks #soho #london #formersmoker #design
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Do you think fitness comes naturally? You either have it out you don't?? . Let me be the first to tell you, we are all capable! I consider today to be the anniversary of my fitness journey. 6 years ago today Jennings and I showed up cold to a 5k. And by cold, I mean no training and no prep. I've never been an athlete and I was a 38 year old smoker. I didn't have any expectation that I'd be able to run the full race but I was stunned at how quickly I was winded and how much I had to walk. . I had always been a social smoker but as i thought about it during the walk, there were very few people I smoked with anymore. I was consistently leaving the people I was with to go outside and smoke. . I made a decision to change my lifestyle. I didn't do it all at once and I probably didn't do it all right but I took the first step. That's all you have to do, take A step towards a healthier you. . Do you need to stop smoking? Change your eating habits? Increase your physical activity? I'm here to help with whatever is the right first step for you! . #readytocommit #notanathlete #fitnessanniversary #runnersofinstagram #runningturtles #cessationnation #formersmoker #quitsmoking #firststeps #gottastartsomewhere
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Zero cardio in my workout today. Dripping sweat. 347 calories burned. I’m telling you this strength training program is like nothing I’ve ever done and I love it so much! For those of you new here you might not know this has not always been me! In fact you might not know much about me- here’s five random things about me- do we have anything in common? 1️⃣ I can live on pizza 🍕 and popcorn 🍿 2️⃣ I’ve been vegan 🌱for 7 years after swearing I could never give up cheese 🧀 3️⃣ I quit smoking years ago after being a half a pack a day smoker for a decade 🚭 4️⃣ my dream vacation has always been Australia (and I finally went in 2016!) 🇦🇺 5️⃣ I have had a ridiculous crush on Keanu Reeves since I saw Speed in the 90s 🚌 Hahahaha so that’s me! Tell me about you! . . . #imanerd #nerdlife #keanureeves #speed #australia #sandiegovegan #veganforlife #friendsnotfood #quitsmoking #formersmoker #dairyfree #nocheese #notevencheesecurds #pizzalover #pizzaslut #veganpizza #popcorn #movietheaterpopcorn #junkfood #dailypizza #fivethings #strengthtraining #veganathlete #veganpoweredathlete #nomeatathlete #nomeattriathlete #vegantriathlete #veganswholift #plantstrong #plantstrongvegan
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#targaryen #galaxies #tattoos #sunshine and #combatboots are forever my favorite... #throwback to my shaved head and when I was a #formersmoker (I finally quit!!🤩) Hanging with some #goodfriends in #austin 💜✨#BMPicADayMay18 #forevermyfavorite #blue #city #vacation #bmgalaxypinksuspenders #blackmilk #bmtargaryenshooter #quitsmoking #freshair #girlswithshavedheads
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