Thanks to @savorysweetlive for coming by and trying our cheesy fried rice ❤️- She said “...fantastic fried rice from the newly opened @gopchangbbq cooked table side with house special sauce, eggs, dried seaweed, tobiko and cheese for a cheese pull finish.” 🧀🧀
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Boutique catering means endless possibilities. Because it’s your party and you should eat what you want to. #letsstartfromscratch #catering
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Roast beef, Yellow American, Black Pepper, Mayo. Sometimes ya gotta keep simple and it works beautifully. Plus I love grocery store deli dudes 🔥
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Literally no filter. I can't even. 😍
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Dinner last night: Beef Barbacoa Enchiladas made with @manosdemaizdc’s superior corn tortillas, @tillamook Extra Sharp cheddar, Chilies, Oaxacan cheese+ one hungry Frenchie. #rainydays
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Detroit Style Square Pizza & Classic Round Pizza at Brick's of Northville!
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