Happy #transformationtuesday humans ! ✌🏻😁 Sharing some of my #hollowbackpincha progress from the past few years! This years would’ve been more deep if I wouldn’t have stopped practicing. As soon as summer was over I lost motivation and wasn’t making any time to practice and it shows lol Anyways, here’s to a more consistent practice in 2019! ✨🥂😜
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Menurut penelitian, Orang yang aktif melakukan latihan fisik, akan merasa jauh lebih bahagia dalam segala hal, Mengapa? Karena berolahraga mampu meningkatkan hormon endorfin atau hormon kebahagiaan dan mampu mengurangi hormon kortisol yang memicu stres serta adrenalin dalam tubuh. Olahraga menjadi salah satu terapi terbaik untuk mengatasi depresi dan rasa cemas. So mau lebih bahagia dan positif? Mulailah menerapkan gaya hidup sehat dan aktif 💪 Tapi perlu diingat, kalau orientasinya adalah untuk mendapatkan bb ideal, pola makan dan asupan nutrisi menjadi kunci utamanya 🙏 #split #sidesplit #frontsplit #bodyweighttraining #armbalance #forearmstand #fitforfunproject24 #shandypetir #dietsidoarjo #turunberatbadan
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Another #transformationtuesday that perhaps does not have the wow - factor but IS a realistic representation of progress (generally speaking - of course there are some exceptions!). I started to practice #pinchamayurasana last October but I had a major obstacle: fear of kicking up against the wall. I am pretty sure this stems from when I was a kid and did a handstand against the wall but fell and hit my head. 🌼 Because of this fear you can see me trying to walk up the wall and balance from there in the left pic. News flash, it doesnt work. Hence this still of my hilarious slide down. It didn't work, won't work and I just had to tackle the fear. 🌼 And here I am on the right 5 months later - is it perfect? No. But I am practicing without props. Even though I'm facing the wall I don't actually touch it at all while practicing, it's just there for mental support. I can hold this shape for about 4-5 seconds. And I started practicing in the middle of the room with a spotter there. Groundbreaking on a global super yogi level? No. For me? Yes! 🌼 I'm posting this as I so often see these incredible transformation posts and yes, sure, it is possible to get there and it looks beautiful! But don't get impatient (like I was) and go through the steps, consistently. Be proud of the little steps of progress you make! This shit is HARD and I find that as I progress I just keep putting the bar higher and higher rather than looking at where I started. So to everyone who isn't quite at the "final stage" yet, just give yourself a pat on the back for the effort you've put in so far and where you're at NOW. Over and out ✌
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🎈Progress🎈 You need to step back to see progress. My toes dont touch my head, but getting into this pose without falling over 50times first is progress. I get frustrated as most of us. I kept practicing but I couldn't see I move forward.When I start to get obsessed or negativity builds up I step out. I learned the best way to drop my expectations is to step out for awhile. Only when I came back to it. I could see the difference. Life lessons happen on the mat.
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"Anyone who practices can obtain success in yoga but not one who is lazy. Constant practice alone is the secret of success"- Hatha Yoga Pradipika #comingsoon #withnewposes #staytuned #yoga #fitness #love #gym #meditation #workout #healthyyogi #healthyyogini #yogagirl #forearmstand #strength #stillworkingonmyself
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Hollow back #pinchamayurasana 💃🏻❤️ that hole in my sock tho 😂😂😩😩 #yoga #love #hollowback #forearmstand #shakti
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