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Who would've thought that a round shaped dough with meaty and cheesy toppings would make someone the happiest? . Well, @pizzaburgofficial surely did! . PizzaBurg has been a hype ever since its first branch at Mirpur, and now that it has opened up its third branch in Dhanmondi, we surely couldn't miss a chance to have their pizzas. . 📍: PizzaBurg, 3rd floor of Star Kabab building, Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi. . 🔶 Environment: The place is quite spacious while we didn't really like the seating arrangement as the chairs and tables were all over the place. But it was clean, and had good lighting. The walls were well decorated with posters of top series, like Peaky Blinders, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. , HIMYM, and a wall fully dedicated to GAME OF THRONES, beautiful! . 🔶Staff behavior: They were really welcoming and came to us to ask how the food was, if there was any problem, and we even saw them changing an entire pizza for having some small issues. . 🔶We ordered their best seller SAUSAGE CARNIVAL, in the size large. While ordering they asked what the type of crust we'd like to have, and we chose medium thick, and we really loved the option to choose your crust. The pizza and shake didn't take much time to come so we'd say that it was a pretty fast and polite service. . 🔶Taste: The crust had the perfect combination of crispy and soft, had a generous amount of cheese and toppings, and it truly justified its name as it had a lot of sausages along with mushrooms. The pizza, in total, tasted really good and we were really satisfied with it. But if we compare it to other pizza places, we'd rather title PizzaBurg to serve "average quality pizzas". . 💸: 555bdt (12 inches) Rate: 7½/10 . ❌Only drawback was that the pizza wasn't cut properly and we had to struggle a bit with pulling the slices out. Also, the cheese gets hard upon cooling so you have to eat it in haste. . We also ordered a milkshake comprised of Oreo named as "Naughty Oreo" and it was pretty cool and relaxing in the scorching weather. The shake wasn't that sweet and had a good amount of crushed Oreos. . 💸: 115bdt Rate: 7/10 . . . #thehungrypotatandbatman #foodbloggerofbangladesh #Piz#PizzaBurg #Pizza
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Einfach mal chillen in der Sonne......habt einen schönen Tag 😍 Rezept in den Kommentaren #barbecue #hähnchenbrust #spieße #çay #doghazal #garten
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Erbeerkuchen.....einfach und erfrischend lecker ❤️ #erd#erdbeeren #erdbeeren #erdbeer #biskuit #backen
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Tepanyaki at 46F 👍#bearbitefood
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