RESTOCK!!! 😍 . One of our best seller Sun Biscuit and Pineapple Tart is BACK at Shilin Night Market! LIMITED STOCKS ONLY! Grab it before stock runs out (again)!
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You may think Vegan food are usually bland but it is not the case at @res@restaurantjagsg ! • Paying homage to the myriad of natural flavours, textures and smells extracted from seasonal vegetables, @restaurantjagsg is highly inspired by their vegetarian and vegan diners. Rather than an after-thought or serving a plate of sides, Chef Gillon takes pride in serving up edible works of art from his veg of the day. #Vegetarian and #vegan diners are treated to the pinnacle of fine dining as each course is presented with upmost respect. Herb-led French menu curated by Chef Gillion: 1. Menthe Verte, Chayote, Sunflower Seed 2. Carvi, Purple Artichoke, Fresh Sage 3. Hysope, St Vincent Asparagus, Sesame 4. Reine des Prés, Pink Lady Apple, Rhubarbe 5. Sorbet made from Pine leaves and dehydrated lemon 6. Canapes made from Cauliflower puree and como and potato 7. Verveine, Cucumber Water, Tofu Créme 8. Dish made from Thym Citron, Fava, Green Pea and Grapefruit 9. Freshly made Sourdough bread 🔸 Lunch ThreeExpressions: $58++ Five Expressions: $108++, Wine Pairing Add $88++ Seven Expressions: $168++, Wine Pairing Add 128++ 🔸 Dinner Five Expressions: $108++ Wine Pairing Add $88++ Seven Expressions: $168++ Wine Pairing Add $128++ Ten Expressions: $ 218++ Wine Pairing Add $178++ #restaurantjag
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Specialty "Kung Fu" Soup (S$22++) || Yan Ting, @StRegisSG . For our starters, we had Yan Ting's signature, award-winning "Kung Fu" soup - the Double-boiled Sea Whelk Consomme with Black Garlic served in Teapot and Double-boiled Oxtail Soup with Supreme Chinese Tonic. . Both were masterfully crafted and I would best describe it as an intense concoction that brings out the essence of each ingredient. It was served piping hot, with very strong, distinctive flavours from the sea whelk and oxtail and a lot of depth to it. We both enjoyed it but we wished that their portions were bigger. A few sips from that little teapot and it was finished. But what a beautiful, nourishing concoction it was! . Highly recommended for diners who need that extra nourishment after a stressful day of work. This is soup for nourishing the soul. TGIF! . To read our latest review, follow the link on bio. ⬆️ . . . . . . ______________________________________ . #thehedgehogknows #stregissg #kungfusoup #chinesesoup #sgm#sgmakandiary #sgfoodblogger #sginfluencer #sgfooddiaries #instafoodsg #thefeedfeed #sgfoodgasm #sgeats #sgf#sgfoodie #sgigfoodies #hun#hungrygowhere #foodiesg #foodsg #hungrygowhere #whati8today #sgmakandiary #sgfoodie #sgfoodtrend #8dayseat #iweeklyfood #burpple
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Good morning!!! Nothing beats an early morning brekkie in the hood - droopy, sleepy eyes and all, having just returned from work trip and sleeping less than 4 hours 😆 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Pope Jai Thai// Garlic Honey Chicken w Rice and thai milk tea~❤️❤️❤️ . Omg, my first time here and I'm already hooked by the food!! It's sooo goooood! I'm gonna visit this restaurant a little bit more often~😍😍 So loving the tradition chicken plates and metal tin cups!! Plus point they are first local F&B business to employ underprivileged people with special needs or physical disabilities!!❤️💯 . 📍Scape 2 Orchard Link, #03-03 Singapore 237978 . #foodsg #popejaithai #thaifood #friedchicken #foodstagram #sgf#sgfoodie> #igsg #foodgram #foodiegram #foodiesg #sgfoodie #foodgramsg #foodporn #foodporns #ilovefood #foodlover
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I always love Pandan Cake. The lightly sweet aroma is always addictive. Featuring the Pandan Cheese Cake baked by my friend @dorisgoz It comes with generous cheese topping. The lightly salty cheese complement so well with soft fluffy pandan cake. I also love her another signature - Lapis Surabaya. ============================= Blog: ============================= Eatdreamlove paid for the food reviewed ============================= #singapore
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