A very special thank you to @neelas_diningroom for inviting me to their relaunch night! 😉🙌 • If you’ve never heard of them, they are located on Deepdale road, just next to Domino’s Pizza! 😉 It’s a small Indian dining room, which is open only on weekends! Guys use fresh local produce and the menu changes EVERY WEEK... Intriguing, isn’t it? 😏😜 • I was happy enough to try different Canapes, Padhi Chicken Ballotine, Honeywells Tandoori Chicken, Fish (I don’t remember the exact name, sorry 😇) and a Coconut Mango & Dark Chocolate Crumble! 👌 • My favourite bites definitely were chicken and dessert! 🤤 👍 Ohhh and the handmade traditional chai was also a treat! ☕️ Highly recommend, if you have s sweet tooth! 😜 • Hospitality was brilliant... It was a very intimate experience, like you were dining in your grandma’s living room (Yeah, I know my granny wasn’t Indian, but that ‘s how I felt that night 👵😜😄😄) Though I’d suggest the grandma to pay more attention to the interior design 😛 I think the walls look too ‘naked’ and ‘cold’. So maybe some paintings, rugs or even old family pictures could possibly make the place more cozy? 🤔😛 Just an idea!😉 • Overall, a great experience. Flavours didn’t give me goodebumps, but some dishes were very good and presentation of the food deserved some standings ovations! 👏👏👏 The question of price still remains for me. It was impossible to see the menu, so I cannot comment anything on it! 🤷‍♀️🙂 But if you are looking for a slightly different approach to your regular dining experience, give it a go, book a table and I bet the guys will make you feel like part of the family! 😉 • 📍271 Deepdale Rd, PR1 6LL ⭐️Taste-o-meter: 8 out of 10⭐️ • 📸 Swipe through to view all the images 📸
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Today we have something VERY special!! @clubsandwich_conoisseur was invited for a special meal at @ralphscoffee at @ral@ral@ral@ralphlauren regents street. And boy was it something special!! > > Ralph’s coffee shop, Regent St, London. > Presentation🥪🥪🥪🥪🥪 Expected ingredients 🥪🥪🥪🥪 Taste 🥪🥪🥪🥪 Overall Score 13/15 > > > > Wow wee! What an absolute treat!! We managed to get in at Ralph’s Coffee and bar at the regents street @ralphlauren store. And boy did they treat us well. It’s very intimate with what you would expect from @ralphlauren for styling and service!! Let’s get to it though, The Club! This is by far the best Club we’ve reviewed so far. Getting 5🥪/5🥪 for presentation! I mean look at it!! It’s a beauty on the plate! Cut into triangles and just looking almost too good to eat!! But eat it we did! And it tasted fantastic! Chicken was torn, tomato and lettuce fresh and bacon crispy. Losing taste points only for the bread not toasted enough for my liking and missing a fried egg. Got to have the egg 🥚 and the avo 🥑 for the full 5🥪!! Missing avocado too and sadly not served with chips. Although the crisps it came with were delicious, I like to see the chips. They made up for lack of chips with a crisp, refreshing caipirinha cocktail to take the edge of an exhausting days shopping! In conclusion, if you can get a table, you must, I repeat, MUST, go to Ralph’s coffee and bar at @ralphlauren regents street and join the Club!! Well done Ralph!! Super tasty treat!!! #clu#clubsandwich_connoiseur #joinourclub #ralphlauren #ralphscoffee #foody #foodreviews #clubsandwich #regentstreet #london
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Kernels Dill Pickle 😀... Twin Rating 👭: 4.8 /5 😀... This is gluten-free. The seasoning is tangy, sweet, and sour all in one. There is plenty of seasoning to coat every popcorn kernel, so it is extremely flavourful The popcorn is light and fluffy. It tastes like eating dill pickle chips with extra seasoning. 😀... Nutrition: Each 20 gram bag is 100 calories.
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Yippie I found the best place to have avocado toast in my city #Hyderabad... And the place is @gal@gallerycafehyd , its a cute cafe to catch up with your friends.. and the place serves veg only and the best thing is you can opt for vegan also... The toast is healthy as it is topped with a spread of Avocado, coriander and a little bit of cheese... . . Here's my rating - . . Price - 4.5/5 Ambience - 4/5 Taste - 4.5/5 Service - 4/5 . . Price - 220 Location - @gallerycafehyd , Banjara hills . #hyderabadi #hyderabadfoodie #hyderabadfoodblogger #hyderabadifood #gobble #eat #cravings #foodblogger #loveforfood #lovefordesserts #lifeisgood #happy #healthy #avo#avocadot #avocado #tasty #thegallerycafe #gallifoods #reviews #foodreviews #ilovefood #toast #CapturedOnCanon #capturedoncanon
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นั้นคือราคา ไม่ใช่รหัสสินค้า และนั้นคือขนาดเสิร์ฟจริง!!! . อยากจะไปรีวิวให้จัง...สามีกล่าว @moandmoshi #moandmoshi . ใครกินแล้วบ้าง ต้องไปกี่คนถึงจะกินหมด??? . #ราชพฤกษ์เจริญแล้ว #แต่สยามเจริญกว่า . . . . Madame Mamuang : มาดามมะม่วง กิน เที่ยว ช้อป FB/IG : Madame Mamuang LINE : @madamemamuang อ่านรีวิวย้อนหลัง >>> www.madamemamuang.com
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Visiting this place for their "Black pao bhaji" had been on my wish list for long. •Ambiance: They have both AC and non AC facilities. They have both indoor and outdoor facility. •Service: Very friendly. •Food: ~I tried their Pani Puri and it was totally amazing. The water flavours included regular, Peru, Kairi and garlic. Out of which the Peru and garlic were my personal favourite. ~The khicha papad was nice. Topped with purple cabbage, cucumber and other veggies. ~The Black pao bhaji- The first thing that caught my eyes is the butter topped on the bhaji and the pao drenched in butter. The taste was a earthy flavour with the Color coming from the spices itself. PS: We ordered one of each dish and split between two which was more than enough. #pavbhaji #blackpaobhaji #streetfoodindia #maaanjani #panipuri #cha#chaat #khichiyapapad #chaat #paobhaji #foodtasting #foodreviews #zomatoreviews #flavours #taste #mumbaifoodlovers #mumbaifoodscenes #zomatoin #foodbloggers #mumbaifoodblogger
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