Theseeeeee Wedding Cupcakes... cuteness level over 9000 🎩👰💒 happy marriage to my bud 😌 ___still slowly finding the one___ 📍Shangri-La @ Penang
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Having a break from the pork and using leftovers. The best thing to do when you’re a student is to bring together all the little things you have left from other meals and make something else. To make this I spent $3.90 on one chicken breast and two slices of prosciutto - from the deli at the supermarket so I could buy only what I needed. Wrap the chicken in the prosciutto and put mozzarella on top. Bake this in a homemade tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is very easy to make and can be used on multiple dishes. You can see by the video how easy the sauce is to make. Leave to simmer until you’re ready to use. I normally use brown onion but had shallots leftover from the roast. Let bake in the oven for about half an hour at 180 degrees. You’re not cooking for restaurant, don’t be afraid to cut into the chicken to check it’s cooked through. How I eat my broccolini to come.
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Today is the big day! The official opening of SUGO Pasta Kitchen, bringing you restaurant quality pasta at take away prices // NOW OPEN// Wednesday to Sunday - 5pm till late // 567 Grange Road Grange // Ph: (08) 7089 0716 // 🍝 🍴🥖// Just like Nonna’s 🇮🇹
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Yakult mocktail boba $8 made with yakult, lemonade and lychee popping pearls 🥤 loved it (I mean who doesn’t like yakult) but I kinda wished the pearls were a flavoured chewy pearl instead of popping pearls 😋 from @theburwoodhotel
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Roasted beet salad so simple and so good - once you have baked your beets in the oven let them cool and then there are so many delicious things you can do. This is one of my favorite simple salads. Recipe In Profile! . . . . . . . . #bee#beets #beets #beetsadrecipe #recipeoftheweek #recipeoftheday #roastedbeet #feedfeed #thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #foodprnshare #droolclub #f52gram #hautecuisines
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Tonight’s hand-made production ...
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Nikmati harimu dengan makanan yang lezat dan secangkir kopi. - @sta@starbucksindonesia @starbucks
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